For people who don't know, 235/75R15 is a code used to indicate the size and type of a tire. The code contains a series of characters that provide specific information about the tire's size, load capacity, and speed rating. Here's a breakdown of what each of the numbers and letters in the code means:

  • 235: This number indicates the width in millimeters.
  • 75: Represents the aspect ratio of the tire, which is the height of the sidewall in the percentage of the tire's width. In this case, the sidewall height is 75% of the tire's width.
  • R: Indicates the tire's construction, which in this case is radial.
  • 15: Is the diameter of the wheel in inches.

When we talk about this size, we should mention the car models in which these fit. For example, it is a specific fitment for the 90s and 2000s Toyota Hilux, Dodge Dokata, Ford Explorer, Honda Passport, and Ford E-350 Econoline. These are best when using premium products such as Toyo Open Country A/T III, Michelin Defender LTX M/S, Falken Wildpeak A/T3W, Kumho Crugen HT51, BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, and Hankook Dynapro AT2.

Best 235/75R15 Tires

One of the most popular and best models from the Michelin lineup is Defender LTX M/S. This model is a durable all-season tire designed for SUVs, light trucks, and CUVs. It benefits from one of the best Michelin's Comfort Control technology designed to reduce road noise and vibrations. As a result, the ride becomes smoother and quieter. Due to the light aggressive pattern that delivers slow wearing. On the other side, it provides excellent wet traction and grip in light snow. Additionally, the Defender LTX M/S features Michelin's Max Touch Construction. As a result, it helps distributes uniform weight of the vehicle and load across the tread for even wear and a longer life. The strong sidewalls resist flex for controlled and confident turns. While it's an optimized pattern, this product delivers a smooth and comfortable ride in all weather conditions. Covered by 70,000 miles warranty.

For all-terrain demands, we recommend the Toyo Open Country A/T III. This model is one of the most beloved products by owners of light trucks, SUVs and CUVs. Due to its innovative pattern with its superb all-season ability and noise reduction etiquette, it can be used even in highway applications. Heavy groove design coupled with 3D multi-wave sipes improves performance on wet roads by rapid water, snow, and dirt evacuation. Moreover, the unique block arrangement improves on/off road noise for smooth and quiet rides. Wide contact area distributes evenly load stress for a long lifespan and extra mileage. Best of all, Toyo’s proprietary T-mode provides superb performance on wet roads, high durability, and long life. Legendary casing structure increases durability making heavy duty and off road rides stressless and safe. Toyo backs it with up to 65,000 mileage warranty.

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