Achilles History

PT Multistrada Arah Sarana simply known as MASA is an Indonesian tire manufacturer founded in 1988 with headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia. MASA is considered one of the largest tire manufacturers in Indonesia which produces tires for passenger cars, commercial cars, trucks, and buses.

In the beginning, the company commenced production of replacement tires for automobiles, and the number of units sold each year grew rapidly.

A very important impact on the growth of MASA is the agreement with the global manufacturer Pirelli, where the Italian manufacturer offered technical assistance and support. A similar agreement was with Continental from 1994 to 2000. Over time, MASA was certified by the award of ISO 9001-2000 and SNI 19-17025-2000 accreditation, producing one of the most trustworthy tires on the Indonesian market. MASA tires are considered benchmarks of quality among tire manufacturers.

Most popular Achilles tires

The Indonesian company sells tires under the brands Achilles and Corsa. MASA produces a wide range of tires for commercial cars. One of the most outstanding models is Achilles Multivan. This model is designed to ensure comfort, durability, and long life at the same time.  Multivan models offer longer mileage, high resistance against sidewall cutting, and scuffing. Due to circumferential grooves, the tire received better water evacuation, improving the contact area.

For the best winter experience it is recommended to fit your car with Winter 101. For the new winter 101, the low temperature and snowy roads are no longer an obstacle. The Indonesian engineers use advanced compounds designed to deliver better and smoother traction with maximum driving control on snowy and icy road conditions. This model is designed to cover a generous part of passenger cars starting from 13 to 17-inch sizes.

If you are looking for the best high-performance tire then the ATR SPORT 2 is the best choice. This model offers high performance with full control, maximum comfort, and increased safety features.