Alliance tires

Alliance History

The Alliance Tire Company Ltd. is a tire manufacturer founded in the second half of the 20th century headquartered in Mumbai, India. This company is producing and marketing tires for agricultural and industrial clients from Europe, the USA, Japan, and Latin America markets. The Alliance has three manufacturing plants in Hadera, Tirunelvelli, and Dahej.

Some notable events of Alliance history were:

  • In 1971, Alliance acquired Samson.

  • In 2007, Alliance was acquired by Warburg Pincus for about $48 Million plus Alliance's debt of $100 Million.

  • In April 2013, KKR bought out a stake held by Warburg Pincus.

  • in 2016 Alliance Tire Company Ltd was completely acquired by the Japanese Yokohama Rubber Company

Over time the ATG received a lot of Certifications among:

  • ATC-TN_ ISO 9001 2015_QMS

  • ATC-TN_ISO 14001 2015_EMS

  • ATC-TN ISO 45001:2018,

  • ATG Dahej ISO 9001 2008

  • ATG Dahej ISO 14001 2004

  • ATG Dahej OHSAS 18001 2007

  • VCA-Certificate Tamil Nadu

  • VCA-Testing Facilities Certificate Gujarat

Most popular Alliance tires

Alliance tires are one of the best tires when it comes to mining, commercial, forestry, and other heavy applications.

As of today, the Alliance Company has also a large range of tires divided into the following categories:

  • Forestry Tires: 644 FORESTAR III, 333 AGRO-FORESTRY, 643 FORESTAR III

  • Agriculture Tires: AGRI STAR II, 312 PLUS, AGRIFLEX+ 377

  • Mining Tires: 314 MINE SERVICE

  • Loader, Container & Material Handling Off-Road Tires: AL 315, MH-504, AL 318

  • Commercial, Construction & Industrial Off-Road Tires: 585, 317 MPT, 528 DUAL MASTER

  • Earthmover Tires: AL 318, 655, 306

  • Golf Cart Garden & Lawn Tractor Tires: 221, IMPLEMENT RADIAL, 579, 316

These models are designed to ensure high load carrying capacity, longer tread life, extra durability, high traction on mud, sand, and terrain.

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