Americus tires

Americus History

Americus is a private tire company owned by American Omni Trading (AOT), with more than 50 years experience in the tire industry. Americus brand is focused on the production of tires for passenger cars, light trucks, and commercial vehicles. Americus products are designed to provide drivers with superior value through excellent performance at an affordable price.

Most popular Americus tires

Americus brand offers a wide range of vehicles in many sizes. American tires are designed especially for drivers' needs, to ensure the best traction on wet and dry surfaces but also to provide long-lasting reliability.

The most popular tires for passenger and CUV are Touring Plus, Sport HP, and RECON CUV. All of these tires come with 60,000 miles tread life ensuring a high level of grip and stability in cornering.

The TBR tires come with a wide footprint designed to maximize weight dispersion for even, uniform wear. American engineers use advanced tread compounds to offer low rolling resistance thus improving fuel usage. The best models from the TBR lineup are the LT2000, AP2000, and PS2000.

If you are looking for the best commercial tires then the ST Radial, MS 4000, COMMERCIAL LT are the best option. These models come with multi-ply casing construction to handle heavy workloads. To ensure puncture resistance and durability the Americus uses a double steel belt.

For an unforgettable off-road experience, the Americus recommends the Rugged M/T, Rugged A/T, or RUGGED ALL TERRAIN. These tires have mud patterns with large shoulder blocks designed especially for deep traction and crisp handling off-road conditions.

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