Antares tires

Antares History

Antares Tires is a manufacturer of affordable tires, especially for those drivers which are on a strict budget. Mainly the brand produces their tires in China then exporting them to the United States through Horizon Tires - their official distributor. Antares offers a cheap alternative to the premium and expensive tires for any sedans, minivans, SUVs, and other vehicles. Unfortunately, the Antares products are not used as original equipment by any global automobile manufacturers, however, they have a very good quality.

Most popular Antares tires

Antares produces tires for a wide range of coupes, sedans, light trucks, SUVs, and Crossovers.

One of the most recommended tires for coupes/sedans/minivans is the Antares Ingens A1. This model is an affordable, all-season high-performance tire built to ensure the best all-season traction, responsive handling, and cornering grip on the road. Due to the circumferential grooves on this tire, the risk of hydroplaning is extremely reduced and has good stability on wet surfaces. This tire is available from 13 to19 inch sizes, with T, H, V, and W-speed ratings.

 Another successful and popular tire for any of your vehicles is the Antares Comfort A5 all-season tire. This model is focused on delivering the best all-season traction, durability, and responsive handling all year-round. The Comfort A5 ensures a more comfortable and smoother ride handling, also cornering stability is better than average among tires from the budget class. To enhance grip on wet road surfaces and reduce the risks of aquaplaning, engineers added sipes combined with deeper circumferential grooves. The Comfort A5 is available from 15 to 20-inch sizes, with S, T, H, and V-speed ratings, and a 45,000 miles tread warranty.

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