Apollo tires

Apollo History 

Apollo Tires Limited also known as Apollo is an Indian tire manufacturer founded in 1972, headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India. Currently, the Indian company has six manufacturing plants in the world, four units in India, one in the Netherlands, and one in Hungary. Apollo announced its entry into the two-wheeler tire segment at the beginning of 2016. 

The most highlighted events were:  

  •  1975- the year when Apollo company made its initial public offer of equity shares.  

  • In 1995 the Indian company acquired Premier Tires Limited- PTL. 

  • In 1996 it began to develop internationally acquiring Dunlop's Africa operations. 

  •  2009- the year when it acquired the Vredestein Banden B.V.  

In 2020 it counts a global workforce of approximately 17,200 employees, with a turnover of US$ 2.27 billion. 

Most popular Apollo tires 

The company markets its products under our two global brands: Apollo and Vredestein. 

The most popular tires for passenger cars are Amazer 4G, Alnac, and Quantum models. These tires are designed to offer maximum traction in all seasons, improved braking, and enhanced resistance toward punctures. 

The Apollo offers also a wide range of tires for trucks. The most outstanding models are ATRIB, ENDU city UA, Amar Delux designed to deliver high performance and high mileage. 

If you are looking for Premium agricultural radial tractor tires with enhanced grip and longer life the most recommended tires are Agrex85, Krishak Premium, and POWERHAUL models.

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