Armstrong tires

Armstrong History

Armstrong Rubber Company is one of the worlds' leading tire manufacturers founded in 1912 with headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Some notable events about Armstrong are:

  • In 1961, the net sales of the company exceeded $200 million and Armstrong became the fifth-largest tire maker in the world.

  • 1965 -the year when Armstrong introduced the first bias-belted fiberglass tire by the company.

  • In 1988 Pirelli S.p.A. acquired Armstrong becoming Pirelli Armstrong Tire Corporation.

  • In 2012 Armstrong brand returned to the tire industry as an independent entity.

Armstrong claims that " Our vision is to develop tires that talk to the roads below them and communicate with the vehicle and the people sitting inside, ensuring an experience of confidence, trust, and comfort."

Most popular Armstrong tires

Over time Armstrong received a good reputation for innovation, cutting-edge technology, and premium products. With over 100 years of record of improving mobility, Armstrong Tires are proven to be the best on the road.

As of today, the American Company has also a relatively small range of tires divided into three categories:

  • Summer: BLU-TRAC VAN, BLU-TRAC PC, BLU-TRAC HP, and TRU-TRAC SU. These models are designed to deliver longer life and a smooth, confident ride, able to show high performance on wet and dry surfaces.

  • All-season: BLU-TRAC PC Flex, TRU-TRAC SU Flex. These models come to offer extra flexibility ensuring ride comfort and high safety features in all weather conditions. Due to the latest technologies used by American engineers to provide maximum traction in all seasons without compromising on tread life.

  • Winter: SKI-TRAC PC. This model is a studless winter passenger tire designed to deliver enhanced traction, handling, but also to increase safety, grip, and comfort.

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