Atlas tires

Introducing you to the world of Atlas, the place where the best materials meet the latest innovations. Before talking in detail about Atlas tires, we should say something about its history. So, Atlas is an American brand that has roots back to the mid-1930s. With a big luggage of experience of more than 90 years in the tire industry, they produce a complete lineup of trustworhty tires. In the design of Atlas tires, engineers use the best manufacturing processes, cutting edge technologies, and trustworhty raw materials. As a result, their products become one of the most reputable tires on the market.

An important year from Atlas history is 2015 when Linglong Americas Inc. became the owner of this brand. Since then, Atlas tires have been purely made in the best factories in China and Thailand. Besides the engineers' know-how, the materials used in the production become more affordable, resulting in affordability and budget friendly purchase prices. Currently, Atlas offers a wide range of tires for passenger, light truck, and commercial truck segments. Their products are sold in different tire shops internationally. The unbelievable success of Atlas comes notably from the US market, where the logistics and freight transport industry is at an impressive level.

Moreover, all Atlas tires present on the market have passed all US DOT, European ECE, CCC, and other certifications. This means that Atlas tires offer superior quality, performance, and durability in demanding applications. Best of all, Atlas is constantly evolving as we continue to develop new patterns and sizes to fit the needs of customers. For customers' peace of mind, they back their products with a great warranty policy. In the section below, we will talk in detail about the most outstanding Atlas tires.

Best Atlas PCR tires

With Atlas around, drivers who enjoy high speed shouldn't fear the winter. Their Force UHP is an all season UHP tire crafted to perform no matter the weather conditions. It benefits from an advanced rubber compound shaped into a smart pattern with a heavy siping design. Wide shoulders do a great job in terms of all season traction, road stability, and ride comfort. The five rib pattern on this model evenly distributes weight along the patch area, thus boosting car stability at speeds up to 186 mph. While four circumferential grooves quickly expel water and slush from the tread for decreased aquaplaning risk. In addition, narrow sidewalls deliver protection from external hazards while also adding to the style value. Don't hesitate to upgrade the look of your car with the Atlas Force UHP.

Another great tire option from Atlas lineup is Paraller 4x4 HP. This model is HP tire developed for a wide range of CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks. It provides a balanced combination of safety, durability, and traction for vehicles equipped with 4x4 systems. Above all, we should say that Paraller 4x4 HP uses a silica rubber compound shaped into an innovative pattern. This type of tread offers flexibility and cold resistance. Wide shoulders with lateral grooves and sipes keep everything in place and also lower heat buildup, thus increasing mileage. Increased contact area evenly distributes weight, meaning that it can perform even under load pressure. Four wide linear grooves expel water and slush for decreased risk of aquaplaning. Therefore, the steering ability touches another level for the best vehicle control.

Best Atlas TBR tires

For professional truck drivers, we recommend the Atlas DRV-09E+. This is a drive position tire built to provide superior traction and road grip for more safety and control. It uses a special rubber that provides a low rolling resistance for minimal fuel costs and SmartWay certification. Open shoulders work in tandem with independent center blocks to offer all season reliability and no risk of grip loss. Moreover, the innovative shoulder shape promotes even wear and better handling in sharp curves. The DRV-09E+ benefits from a high void ratio that enhances the self cleaning ability, delivering constant surface contact and less wear. Stiff sidewalls shield tire internal construction from lateral damage, further increasing the service life. Finally, the Atlas DRV-09E+ is present on the market in a wide range of sizes.

If you need a universal tire for your commercial truck, keep in mind Atlas AP-100E+. This model is a great regional tire suitable for all axles. The advanced rubber compound delivers a low rolling resistance, resulting in less fuel usage and fewer company costs.  Wide shoulders and four circumferential grooves work in tandem to deliver powerful traction, road stability, comfort, and durability. Continous center ribs evenly distribute load pressure, allowing for up to 7,160 lbs per single tire.  Strong sidewalls fight off lateral forces for better stability in sharp curves while shielding the rim from road damage. Additionally, it presents special stone ejectors that minimize stone retention and casing drilling for an increased service life of the tire.

In conclusion, if you need a new set of tires at a good price Atlas tires should be the ideal choice. Their products are the synonym for quality, durability, performance, and versatility.

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