Avon tires

Welcome to the apex of tire technology with tires produced by Avon. This brand is one of the first tire manufacturers in the tire industry with more than 100 years of experience in this field. Since 1997, it is a part of the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. To understand how great the Avon tires are, these were used as default fitment(OE) for great British marques such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Land Rover, and Caterham.

Avon played an important role in the development of track championships. Their involvement in motorsport has roots back to the 1950s. The highlight of this era was the winning of the 1959 World Sports Car Championship on the Aston Martin. In this manner, after years it comes one of the leading suppliers to the motorsport industry. For example, Avon tires helped teams to win champion titles on the track. To be more exact, 30 plus British F3 titles have been won on Avons, 17 FIA F3000 titles, and countless other championships from Formula Ford to European Rallycross. In addition, now Avon is one of the most important suppliers for FIA Formula 2, Formula Ford, Formula 3, British GT, Caterham, Speed Euroseries, British Formula 1 Side Car Championship, and not only.

On the other side, Avon produces a complete lineup of tires for passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, and vans. All of them meet high standards and cover customers' expectations. Due to their wide range of models and sizes, Avon tires is able to cover nearly all motorsport and personal activity. A key element in Avon’s continuing success is our commitment to research and development programs that maintain competitive advantage.

Best Avon PCR tires

When it comes to Avon tires we should mention the Avon ZT7. This model is one of the most popular summer tires from their lineup suitable for today's passenger cars. In the design of this product, engineers use the high silica compound shaped into a symmetrical pattern. Wide shoulders and three linear grooves enhance traction, wet braking, lateral grip, and steering precision. Variable pitch design improves road noise for a relaxing and smooth driving experience. Increased footprint area enables an even load distribution for correct wear and low rolling resistance. Therefore, the fuel economy and ride comfort become better compared with its predecessor. Moreover, the modern internal casing deal with easy with forces generated at high speeds in sharp corners. In terms of presence on the market, the Avon ZT7 stays very well suitable for all budgets and needs. 

Best Avon motorsport tires

One of the most highlighted models from this category is the Avon Cut Wet Historic. It has many won race championships behind it. This is the result of the hard work and determination of the company. Hence, this sport tire is a premium product, as it is used by professionals. It features great elements that all work together to improve that lap time at all costs. It uses an advanced tread compound shaped into a directional pattern with an aggressive design. As a result, the advanced rubber compound and reinforced internal casing boost the track experience, making it safer and more enjoyable for dynamic and adrenaline rush enthusiasts. Equally important, the track-oriented tread design increases steering precision on both wet and dry tracks. This is crucial for a racer, as you count every second and mile.

Best Avon motorcycle tires

Prepare to rev up your engines and embrace the feeling of high speed riding with the UHP tires, with Avon Spirit ST. This great motorcycle tire is the best deal for adventurers that want to feel the rush of the wind. Whether you are tearing up the racetrack or conquering winding roads, this model is your ultimate companion.

Above all, we should point out that, it benefits from a dual tread compound molded into an optimized pattern with a V-shaped groove design. As a result, it offers unbeatable traction, stability, and responsiveness, thus making it possible to push your limits and meet the full potential of speed. The advanced internal structure keeps the tire shape and offers the necessary confidence to navigate curves with precision. Equally important, the sidewall protects the lateral part from scrubbing, while the internal casing protects the body from punctures. Best of all, the Avon Spirit ST is available in a wide range of sizes starting from 16'' and going up to 19'' rim diameters, in both front and rear versions.


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