Best Goodyear All-Terrain Wrangler Tires: Reviews, Pros, And Cons

Best Goodyear All-Terrain Wrangler Tires: Reviews, Pros, And Cons

If you have reached this post, it means that you have already heard something about the Wrangler series of the Goodyear brand. And I am more than sure that you have heard positive rumors because these tires indeed amaze with their confidence. I thought it would be useful to analyze the most outstanding models from the Wrangler series. I admit that it was not easy for me, because all the models have something remarkable in them. However, the feedback from drivers and experts in the field highlights some of them.

If you are one step away from purchasing Wrangler Goodyear tires, it's important to take into account certain critical factors. I mainly refer to the size and weight of your vehicle, which must be compatible with your tires. In addition, you must take into account the type of terrain you mainly drive on. This criterion greatly influences the type of tire you must choose for optimal performance.

With that said, let's see which Wrangler tires stand out for their performance and for what type of terrain they are meant for. The information presented below is not just a personal subjective impression. This, rather, has the reviews of drivers and experts as a benchmark for an unbiased evaluation. So, stay tuned to find out more about Goodyear Wrangler tires.

Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure Kevlar

The Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure Kevlar model is an all-season tire compatible with passenger vehicles and light trucks. You can find dimensional variations between 16-20 inches for this tire segment. The model does well in all-terrain conditions and offers the necessary confidence in the most challenging environments thanks to its aggressive tread.

By the way, the tire maker has endowed the model with a 400AA UTQG treadwear rating, which sounds very promising. In addition, the tire comes with a treadwear warranty of up to 60,000 miles, which confirms its durability and resistance to over-stress.

Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure Kevlar Key Features

The manufacturer used Dupont Kevlar in the structure of this tire. This refers to an extra structural layer that increases the rigidity of passenger tires. If we talk about the truck tire models, they have 2 extra protective layers and an extra 30% of integrated steel. These additions ensure the tire's resistance both to the load of the body and to the specific tension of all-terrain environments.

Another key feature is the tire open tread pattern. It benefits the versatile off-road traction. In addition, the Kevlar Wrangler tire has Durawall technology patented by Goodyear. Thanks to this technology, the tire sidewall is mega-protected against cuts and early wear and tear.
Last but not least, this tire model is highly reliable in snow conditions, especially for light trucks. This segment (light truck) is approved with a 3PMSF certificate for traction and solid performance in winter conditions.

Performance Specs

One of the advantages of this tire is its universality. It remains strong and confident no matter how the temperatures change. The primary purpose of the tire is to provide superior grip and bite into everything that comes its way. As a result, it is versatile both on highways, muddy terrain, and snow-covered back roads.

Drivers who tested the tire praise it as a great all-terrain all-season tire. Its resistance and longevity also add to its value. 1

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Goodyear Wrangler TrailRunner AT

Here you have another all-season offering. This time it is about the TrailRunner AT model with a UTQG rating of 400AA. The treadwear warranty is somewhat reduced than the previous model and assumes 55,000 miles. However, the relatively lower price than the Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure Kevlar somewhat justifies the lower mileage.

Wrangler TrailRunner AT Key Features

Goodyear has included plenty of specific technologies in the architecture of this tire. For example, the Interlocking Tread Blocks serve to optimize the tire's off-road durability. In addition, the manufacturer wanted better traction regardless of changing weather conditions and terrains and better resistance to wear.

For this purpose, Goodyear applied Saw-Tooth Block Edges technology. Last but not least, the tire has superb traction in both muddy and wet conditions. This is due to Multi-angle Sipe Technology, which is also patented by the brand.

Performance Specs

If you need a durable and reliable tire in various conditions, this Wrangler TrailRunner AT is more than optimal. Goodyear designed it with high performance in any weather conditions in mind. That means you can count on it in mud, snow, rain, and any other conditions you want.

The bold and tough architecture of the tire digs into the ice and snow without any restraint, providing only superior grip and ultimate stability. This tire can be said to be the optimal option for any terrain, any time, and any weather.

The same tire combines 3 relevant criteria: off-road power, routine commuting, and driver comfort behind the wheel. It easily adapts from one type of terrain to another without compromising performance or leisure nature. The Wrangler TrailRunner AT line is available between 15" and 20" and is ready to be your ally in any type of adventure. 2

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Goodyear Wrangler AT/S

The Wrangler AT/S is another reputable member of the Wrangler range. The manufacturer does not offer a tread life warranty for it. However, the drivers emphasize that it resists very well various terrains and is not prone to early wear. Like the previous models, the Goodyear Wrangler AT/S has a treadwear rating of 400AA.

Goodyear Wrangler AT/S Key Features

Like previous Goodyear models, the Wrangler AT/S features a wide range of tire advanced technologies. They all aim to make the tire much superior to the competition's all-terrain offerings. And rightfully so, the Goodyear Wrangler AT/S stands out for its fabulous traction and premium performance.

First of all, it is worth noting the presence of Dual Traction Lug Channels in the construction of the tire. These are responsible for superior all-terrain and all-season traction. As such, the behavior of the tire does not change much with weather fluctuations.

The tire has a rather attractive appearance. This is due to the Wrap-Around Shoulder architecture. This design improves not only the look but also increases performance and traction. Last but not least, Goodyear opted for its signature Tread Composition in the Wrangler AT/S tire. This translates into superior control, balance, and off-road handling.

Performance Specs

This line is optimal for drivers looking for options that are reasonable in terms of price and optimal in terms of performance. This all-season offering is extremely versatile in various conditions and offers an appreciable level of comfort. They feel very responsive and communicate with the driver's tasks with great precision.

On one hand, these tires are durable and rugged. This ensures their potential in off-road conditions. On the other hand, they offer more comfortable rides than many other in-class competitors. The manufacturer took care to suppress the noises through the specific tread to ensure maximum comfort. Goodyear's biggest sin is that it launched this line only for 17" rims. 3

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Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac

The last model in the all-season on/off-road class is the popular DuraTrac tire. Reviews praise this model for the confidence and balance it provides on various terrains. The manufacturer ensures a minimum tread life of 50,000 miles while the UTQG rating is 400AA, just like the other Wrangler All-Terrain members.

DuraTrac Key Features

This tire enjoys a wide variety of technologies in it. Namely, these technologies make it durable, resistant, and superbly performing in the conditions for which it was created. To name a few, the Tractive Groove Technology is what ensures solid traction in mud and snow conditions. The specific bold architecture throws the material from the tread efficiently, leaving room only for a confident rolling forward.

Also, drivers report decent comfort and up-to-the-mark noise control in this tire. This is explained by the Angled Center Tread Blocks technology that offers this plethora of benefits. Goodyear wanted to protect the wheel rims during the curves, so it used a Rim Protector. Last but not least, the Wrangler DuraTrac line has models capable of winter conditions, being certified through special programs for harsh winter tackling.

Performance Specs

The first thing that will amaze you in this tire is its rugged temperament. This aspect makes it ultra-capable in most road and weather conditions. Drivers of trucks, SUVs, or other 4X4 vehicles note the solid potential of this tire, which can handle both snow and mud environments.

Goodyear designed this model to work hard and compete competitively in various conditions. This tire feels confident and stable on slippery, skidding, and slick terrains without showing any signs of struggle. Their traction is very competent for various surfaces, also offering comfort and stability to the driver. The DuraTrac line is available in sizes from 15" to 20". So, if you have such a vehicle, equip it with a DuraTrac tire set for optimal all-terrain performance. 4

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Our Choice: Goodyear Wrangler ATS Tire 265/70R17

We want to share my own experience with one of Goodyear's favorite models. We have a long-term relationship with this tire maker and I have long since convinced myself that the above-average price fully justifies its performance.

For some time now, we have been lucky enough to drive an SUV with these tires and we have nothing but praise for them. Of course, there is room for improvement. But we must admit that the benefits of this tire are in the majority. Below we have presented all the benefits and shortcomings that we felt from our own Neotires experience. So check them out if you are curious about the ATS 265 70R17 model.

Personal Feedback

Please, take this review as a subjective one. It is about my own experience and my feeling. Being in the tire industry for many years, I have an increased sensitivity to tires and feel good about every aspect of their performance. Another driver might feel them differently if he has a shorter driving experience.

The outstanding advantage of the Wrangler ATS 265 70R17 tire is its highly responsive steering. I felt accurate and fast feedback on any of my maneuvers. This is valid for both low and high speeds, and both in wet and dry conditions. In addition, traction is also the strong point of the model. I did not feel the tire lazy or numb on various terrains. And believe me, I exploited it on a wide variety of surfaces.

Last but not least, I want to emphasize its superb lifespan. The manufacturer does not offer a warranty for it. So, many drivers would question the durability of this tire. But I confirm with all certainty that the tires wear out evenly. Also, I noticed the first obvious signs of wear only after 3 years which I used in 3 seasons/year.

Wrangler ATS Shortcomings

You are probably curious to know more about tire shortcomings. Well, I can only mention 2 that I spotted. The first is the fact that the tire becomes slightly noisier once the tread starts to wear out. You will feel this shortcoming only when the wearing process begins, that is, in a few years. I can't say that the noise is unbearable. But it gets more expressive than when the tire is in new condition.

Another aspect that I would categorize as a shortcoming is the mud traction. To understand me correctly, this is not at all poor or ineffective. But the competition shows that there is room for improvement. For example, I had the opportunity to test the Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus tire. This impressed me with its potential in mud terrain. Following the Pirelli standard, it is difficult to find a comparable tire. However, I must admit that the Scorpion All Terrain Plus is more expensive than the Goodyear Wrangler ATS tires. So if the budget is a priority, then the Wrangler is likely to satisfy you from all perspectives.

FAQs: Wrangler All-terrain Tires

What Is a Wrangler Tire?

A Wrangler tire refers to tires from the Goodyear tire maker's Wrangler collection. This collection has been associated over time with reliable and confident tires, perfectly suitable for both on and off-roading conditions. The Wrangler tire line first appeared in 1977 and from then until now it has remained one of the most defining and at the same time performing tires of the Goodyear tire brand.

Are Wrangler Tires Good?

Many specialists and amateurs have subjected Wrangler tires to various performance tests. We did the same. The results show that Wrangler tires provide the highest level of performance. These are a great option, especially for trucks and SUVs. All the models tested showed impeccable performance, superior grip, impressive confidence, and traction on both dry and wet surfaces. So, yes, Wrangler tires must be on the radar of those looking for reliable tires for various conditions.

How Long Do Goodyear Wranglers Last?

It depends on the chosen tire model. If we are talking about an all-terrain Wrangler that does well both in on and light off-road conditions, for example, it will last decently up to around 50,000 miles. The lifespan can vary depending on the condition of the roads and driving habits.

What Are All-Terrain Tires Best For?

Each type of tire has its own purpose. The All-Terrain ones are designed to bring together highway performance with mud/off-road performance. These are not better than highway-oriented and mud-oriented tires, but rather they are a golden mean between the 2. All-terrain tires stand out for their weather versatility and covering all types of surfaces with a decent performance. If you drive on different terrains, going from dirty and gravel surfaces to paved and smooth ones, all-terrain tires could be a good option for you.

What Are the Disadvantages of All-Terrain Tires?

All-terrain tires have a fairly soft rubber compound. Namely, this feature makes them suitable for different surfaces from paved to off-road. While versatility is an advantage of these tires, the soft rubber tends to wear out relatively quickly. As such, the lifespan of an AT tire is around 40,000 miles, which is relatively shorter than other types of tires such as all-season or grand touring. Short lifespan is the biggest disadvantage of all-terrain tires.

Do All-Terrain Tires Use More Fuel?

As a general rule, all-terrain tires are more demanding in terms of fuel consumption. These usually consume about 3-5% more fuel compared to all-season tires, for example. The reason for less fuel efficiency is explained by the larger diameter of the all-terrain tires. These use more rubber and generate more resistance while rolling due to their specific pattern. These premises make all-terrain tires burn a bit more fuel.

Who Needs All-Terrain Tires?

Motorists driving on mixed terrain should consider all-terrain tires. These are optimal when switching from uneven terrain to smooth paved roads is a common thing. Most drivers of SUVs and trucks usually rely on all-terrain tires because commuting from urban road conditions to country surfaces and vice versa is part of their daily routine. All-terrain tires in such conditions are a great choice.

Which is Better All-Terrain or All-Weather Tires?

Before answering, you must define what is more important for you as a driver. Is it weather versatility or road versatility? All-weather tires are a good choice when you need tires that perform well both at relatively mild temperatures and at relatively cold temperatures. These tires resist the temperature transition very well. But if you usually drive transitioning from paved to off-road surfaces, all-weather tires will not help you much. In this case, all-terrains are much more suitable for mixed surfaces.

Why Trust Us?

The Neotires team is dedicated not only to the most attractive tire deals but also to deep knowledge in this field. The entire team is made up of workers with vast experience in this field. Mechanics, automotive specialists, testers, and content writers with extensive experience in the automotive frame have been active in the Neotires team for more than 5 years. All together, we develop in this field and share reliable information about tire reviews and driving tips.

Our goal is not to sell tires. Rather, we aim to create a long-term relationship and reliable partnership with our readers and customers. In this sense, our goal is to find the perfect match between the drivers' needs and expectations with the right tires. Feel free to trust our team because we believe that a suitable tire can turn your driving into the most comfortable and safe experience. We are committed to researching the best tire deals and providing a large informational hub about everything rubber means. Talk to our trained assistants about any tire concerns! We will do our best to find the best solutions! Drive safe!

Bottom Line

Goodyear is a tire maker that has built a reputation for superior quality and solid performance. Not in vain, this is one of the most reputable tire makers in the world. Its all-terrain line can offer everything a driver could want for these conditions.

The brand focuses massively on the development of its advanced technologies that are integrated into each tire model. They dramatically increase the performance and reliability of tires from all perspectives. You should give it a try! Drive safe and thanks for your interest in this article!


Brian Darr is a passion-driven enthusiast who has become an expert in the tire industry. His passion for rubber started with his first driving experience. He firmly believes that the performance and safety of any vehicle are due, first of all, to the quality of the tires mounted on it.
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