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Birla tire

Birla History 

Birla Tires is a division of Kesoram Industries Limited, founded in 1991 with headquarter in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The main products of the Indian brand include tires for automobiles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and farm vehicles. This company counts over 170 sales depots and over 9000 dealers. The Birla opened a new office based at Shankagiri, Panvel, Secunderabad, Himatnagar, and Siwan. 

In the beginning, the Indian company collaborated with Pirelli- one of the tire manufacturer leaders in the world. This thing offers to Birla Tire a solid reputation for quality and trustworthy tires. Nowadays it is one of the best tire manufacturers in India. 

Most popular Birla tires 

One of the most trustworthy tires for trucks and buses is the S351 Robus model. This model comes with strong tire constructions with four steel belts, designed to deliver excellent handling, outstanding maneuverability, and higher mileage. 

When it comes to the most suitable tires for commercial vehicles with no doubt, we should mention Ultra Miler Platina. This model comes to provide uniform wear and excellent mileage, with more load-carrying capacity. 

If you are looking for Farm and Agricultural tires you must keep in mind that the Birla Shaan plus is one of the best options. This model is a durable rear tractor tire with a superior lug design that provides maximum traction. The cut resistant tread compound ensures longer life, a thing very important for customers.

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