Bridgestone POTENZA S001

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Bridgestone Potenza S001

This model is a summer tire designed especially to serve a wide range of prestigious sports cars. This model is a result of the latest in tire technology and advancements.

The Potenza S001 comes with a high-performance tread compound molded into an asymmetric tread pattern along with larger high grip tread blocks on the outer shoulder designed to ensure enhanced steering response, the best dry traction, and high cornering performance. It has a unique off-center straight rib around the tread added to provide extra stability at higher speeds offering more control on the road.

For safety reasons, the S001 presents wide grooves and high-angle lateral grooves designed to better channel water under the tire footprint thus reducing the risk of hydroplaning on wet road surfaces. To minimize road noise and increase ride comfort the Bridgestone engineers have placed the grooves and lugs. This tire received lower rolling resistance due to the use of innovative lightweight steel-belt construction in the tread.

It is used as original equipment on vehicles like Ferrari 458 Italia, Aston Martin Rapide, Audi RS5, Alfa Romeo Giulia 952, BMW i8, Lexus LFA A10, and many other prestigious sports cars from around the world. The S001 is available from 18-20 inches, also in a run-flat version.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced summer tread design.

  • Large outside shoulder blocks.

  • Continuous center rib.

  • High angle lug grooves.

  • Confident cornering performance.

  • Wide circumferential grooves for rapid water evacuation.

  • Improved hydroplaning resistance and enhanced braking performance.

  • The sidewalls have been stiffened with rubber inserts for added comfort and braking performance.

  • Twin steel belt construction is reinforced with an aramid and nylon cord designed to increase strength and durability.

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