Centara VANTI CS

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The Centara Vanti CS is a great model that comes in both performance and high performance variants. It is the best choice for drivers seeking adrenaline all year round. The all season construction allows for high traction and balance on dry, wet and snowy surfaces. Passenger cars and SUVs are the best fit for this tire.

For example, it benefits from a symmetric tread pattern that enhances road grip for driver safety. The advanced rubber compound offers both resistance to cuts and strong braking power, thus minimizing the risk of skidding. Moreover, the special shoulder design with angled grooves combats heat buildup and increases lateral traction. Smart distribution of sipes ensures strong contact with the surface. Stiff sidewalls protect it from road hazards and keep the casing intact. The Vanti CS takes advantage from streamline traversal grooves that highly enhance traction on wet surfaces, therefore reducing aquaplaning issues. The all season components offer more flexibility in different temperatures.

Furthermore, responsive steering and driving stability are ensured due to the modern tread design. The special tire formula works towards lowering the rolling resistance, thus improving fuel efficiency. The internal build of this tire delivers high speed vehicle stability and, depending on the tire size, marks it with an H or W speed index. The overall structure of this model delivers premium driver comfort, allowing for a cozy experience.

Above that, Centara backs you with a 90 days money back warranty. The model comes on the US market in many major sizes. According to many customers, the Vanti CS fits best on cars like Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX.

Features and benefits

  • Both high quality comfort and performance in a single model.
  • All season tread compound delivers high traction no matter the season.
  • Increased high speed control due to innovative tread pattern.
  • Unique shoulder design combats heat buildup and keeps the casing intact.
  • Stiff sidewalls offer protection from lateral damage and increase tire stability.
  • Excellent braking power and road grip on wet, dry, and snowy surfaces.

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