Comforser CF300

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For people who are looking for cheap and quality van tires for year-round applications, Comforser produces the CF300. This model is a durable tire optimized for vans used in delivery, utility, and other applications. It can be found on the market in multiple sizes with 14, 15, and 16-inch wheel diameters. Many drivers of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ram ProMaster, Chevrolet Express 1500, Ford Transit, and Fiat Ducato fit their vehicles with CF300.

For instance, we should point out that CF300 benefits from a durable tread compound shaped into a four rib pattern. With a symmetrical design, the tire makes your vehicle receive great road stability for a controlled ride under heavy loads. Optimized pattern with noise reduction propriety inhibits outside vibrations by disrupting the airflow through vertical serrations. Additionally, the large footprint work in tandem with strong sidewalls promotes uniform pressure distribution to extend mileage. Therefore, it promotes good carrying capacity, reducing rolling resistance for low fuel usage.

Typically to many van tires, it has three linear channels with multiple sipes that expel efficient water, snow, and slush. While its durable casing absorbs impact on uneven roads and combat damage from curbs and other road hazards. As a result, the Comforser CF300 creates a quiet and safe working ambiance in delivery and long distance services. Finally, to cover a substantial part of vans and driver's needs, this model is available in both 8 and 10-ply ratings. Many of our customers say that it is a really good tire option for its price.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced commercial van tire ideal for P&D applications.
  • Multi rib pattern improves the level of comfort for quiet and relaxed work even at high speeds.
  • Strong internal side creates extra strength and resistance to deal with heavy loads.
  • A unique footprint distributes uniform load pressure for extended life.
  • Three wide grooves allow your van to provide great braking, and high grip power, but also increase traction on wet surfaces.

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