Comforser CF510

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Comforser produces a complete lineup of tires for passenger cars. Their product range included: all season, summer, winter, and off road tires. One of the best models is CF510. This is a high-performance tire with year-round capability. It provides a balanced combination of comfort and traction, while the grip remains consistent during its lifespan.

Above all, we should point out that in the designing of this model, Comforser's engineers use the latest technologies and premium quality materials. A silica enriched compound is shaped into a five rib pattern. A symmetrical pattern with a heavy siping design offers the steering precision and good vehicle control. Due to four wide tread grooves, the Comforser CF510 tire provides superb drainage. As a result, it is able to give great braking performance on wet roads, even at high speeds. When it comes to cold weather it is also good. Using a special rubber compound and a new siping design, it can perform in light snow.

Additionally, a performance compound of the most recent generation resists high speeds up to 149 mph. While durable casing construction with strong sidewalls resists up to 800 lbs, depending on the tire's size. It also incorporates a reinforced sidewall to resist damage produced by curbs and other hazards. This model is developed in a wide range of sizes starting from 185/70R13 to 235/60R16. It is a default option for owners of the Chevrolet Tracker, Ford EcoSport, Hyundai Sonata, Dodge Avenger, Chevrolet Cruze, and many others.

Features and benefits

  • Great high performance tire with black and stylish sidewalls.
  • Innovative groove and siping design improve grip power for controlled handling and safe rides.
  • Wide shoulder blocks resist lateral forces and reduce uneven wear.
  • Four linear grooves work in tandem with lateral grooves expelling rapid water for minimal risk of aquaplaning.
  • Strong sidewalls resist flex for confident and relaxed rides.

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