Comforser CF620

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If you are not ready to speed a lot of money on tires, then this article is realized especially for you. Comforser tires are a great rubber for all tastes and budgets. All models come with increased attention to quality control for the entire manufacturing process, as well as for product marking and packaging.

We want to present the Comforser CF620. This is one of the most highlighted models for year-round use. This model benefits from an advanced rubber compound focused on comfort, mileage, and durability. Due to its innovative center ribs, it provides good performance in terms of handling, and grip on wet roads. Using a special year-round rubber compound, the Comforser CF620 can maintain a constant level of water evacuation, for increased resistance to aquaplaning even at high speeds. On the other side, an improved pattern prevents abnormal wear but also reduces rolling resistance for high fuel economy. In addition, the innovative groove design ensures less outside noise and considerably reduces fuel consumption.

For safety reasons, it features three linear grooves coupled with special shoulder grooves. These expel rapid water from under the tire footprint, thus offering high road stability. Best of all, it is designed in a wide range o sizes (more than 20) from 155/80R13 to 205/55R16. It is one of the most suitable tires for drivers of BMW 1 Series, Audi A3, Chevrolet Aveo, Ford Focus, and Honda Civic. We can say for sure that it is a great product with price quality ratio.

Features and benefits

  • Touring tire with a strong capability in all seasons.
  • Trusty rubber compound resists uneven wear for high mileage.
  • Three longitudinal grooves improve grip and traction power for good performance on wet surfaces.
  • A symmetrical pattern expels rapid water and slush for extended contact with the road for safe rides.
  • Durable casing resists damage produced by curbs and other road hazards.

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