Comforser CF710

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A lot of people who tried before all-season tires say that it is the best option for both summer and winter weather. If you are looking for high performance in year-round applications, the Comforser CF710 is for you. It is frequently used on coupes and sedans such as BMW 3 Series, Cadillac CT5, Toyota Supra, and Volvo S90.

For instance, we should point out that, Comforser CF710 features a symmetrical tread pattern with a continuous center rib and intermediate blocks. These work in tandem to provide stability and improved handling. Additionally, these enhance cornering and grip, while the four circumferential grooves and multiple lateral grooves help to evacuate water and improve wet traction. Its symmetrical tread pattern along with advanced construction make it a great choice for passenger cars and minivans.

When it comes to internal construction, here we have two steel belts and a polyester cord body. These help to maintain its shape and improve handling. Best of all, strong sidewalls with reinforced high strength steel belts provide extra stability and strength for a comfortable and safe ride. In conclusion, Comforser CF710 is produced in a generous range of sizes from 16 to 20-inch wheel diameters. As a result, it can cover a  substantial part of passenger cars. If you are looking for a great product with superb handling and traction capability, the CF710 can be the best option.

Features and benefits

  • Ideal all-season tire for drivers of coupes and sedans.
  • Specialized rubber compound ensures good performance on dry, wet, and snowy roads.
  • Optimized tread pattern with modern design delivers both an attractive look and ride comfort.
  • Four longitudinal grooves with a special shoulder groove design offer maximum water evacuation.
  • Advanced casing resists damage produced by curbs and other road hazards.
  • Available with V(149mph) or W(168mph) speed index, depending on the tire size.

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