Comforser CF930

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Are you looking for the best tire for winter driving? You should know that this will depend on a variety of factors, including climate, driving style, and vehicle type. It's essential to consider a tire specifically designed for winter driving conditions. However, with the Comforser CF930, you will never go wrong.

In the engineering of CF930, Comforser uses a special rubber compound shaped into a directional pattern. This type of pattern has a V-shaped tread design with a continuous center rib that helps to evacuate water and slush from the contact patch, providing better traction on wet and slushy roads. These grooves on the tread are also designed to provide better grip in snowy conditions by packing snow into the grooves and creating more traction. Additionally, it offers a good speed capability no matter the road and weather conditions. On the other side, Comforser CF930 delivers a pleasant and quiet ride, thanks to an optimized pattern design. Due to its heavy siping design with full depth sipes, it offers exceptional performance in harsh environments. In terms of strength, the internal structure uses a tough and durable tread that resists deterioration and provides a long lifespan.

Finally, Comforser CF930 is present on the market in a wide range of sizes starting with 165/70R13 and ending with 225/50R17. It is one of the best fitments for Audi Q2, Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Focus, Volvo S60, and Toyota Avalon.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced studless winter ideal coupes, sedans, and minivans.
  • Unique tread compound offers confident grip power and traction in lower temperatures, even in ice, and snow.
  • A V-shaped pattern provides super road stability and the best water evacuation.
  • Open shoulders force away slush, water, and snow for uncompromised winter capability.
  • Sturdy casing guarantees enough durability and strength to provide a smooth and quiet ride.

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