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Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06

This model is an Ultra High-Performance All-Season tire developed for a wide range of sports cars, sports coupes, performance sedans, and luxury SUVs to provide increased wet grip, excellent cornering performance, and extended tread life. It comes with SPORTPLUS+ Technology designed to improve handling, year-round traction, and wear.

The ExtremeContact DWS 06 has an advanced silica-enhanced all-season tread compound molded into a unique asymmetrical tread pattern combined with chamfered Edges designed to provide maximum tread contact in dry conditions.

To increase the responsiveness and cornering stability, the continental engineers use outboard shoulder macro blocks combined with special central independent blocks with x-sipes, separated by high-angle, criss-cross grooves designed to guarantee the biting edges necessary to promote the best year-round traction. For safety reasons, this model presents traction grooves that enhance three-dimensional traction during wintery conditions.

This model has a durable internal structure that includes twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wound jointless nylon cap plies designed to ensure long-term integrity under high-speed conditions, durability, and strength along with high ride quality.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced asymmetrical tread design.

  • Black sidewall.

  • Precise steering.

  • Excellent tread life

  • Latest noise reduction technology makes riding more enjoyable and pleasant.

  • Backed by Continental's Total Confidence Plan.

  • Built with durable materials that provide a longer tread life.

  • An optimized tread compound increases the hydroplaning resistance.

  • Available with QuickView indicators and Tuned Performance Indicators.

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