Dick Cepek tires

Dick Cepek History 

Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels is a tire manufacturer established in 1958 by Dick Cepek. This company produces one of the most quality tires designed especially for truck, Jeep, SUV, and 4×4 owners. Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels offers a full line of tires, wheels, accessories, and apparel. These tires are the best option for people who enjoy hunting, fishing, and all types of outdoor activities.   

The first off-road retail shop was opened in 1967. Shortly after launching the Dick Cepek opened many stores in the Southwest region of the U.S. expanding internationally, opening a retail store in Japan. 

 An interesting fact about this brand is that Dick Cepek offered for every customer off-road accessory survival book, auxiliary lights, and other accessories to attract more customers. American brand continued to develop his own branded tires with an emphasis on performance and quality.  

Most popular Dick Cepek tires 

The Dick Cepek offers a wide variety of off-road tires and wheels. The first branded tire was the Gumbo Mudder. 

The main product of Dick Cepek includes the following models:  

  • TRAIL COUNTRY EXP-this model comes with large, deep tread elements for excellent on/ off-road capability. Due to silica reinforced compound, the tire becomes the best when it comes to cut & chip resistance. 

  • The Fun Country is using unique compounds and the latest technology especially Sidebiters and Reinforced three-ply sidewall to deliver the best off-road traction, a quieter ride, and superior durability.  

  • The Extreme Country is a mud-terrain tire designed to show high performance in terms of stability on the road and the best grip on irregular surfaces. Due to wide outer void and angled shoulder scallops, the tire provides ultimate off-road traction and self-cleaning ability. 

All these models come with 45,000 miles tread life guarantee.

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