Double Coin tires

Double Coin History 

Double Coin is a Chinese manufacturer focused on producing radial tires for trucks, buses, and off-road tires. Double Coin is headquartered in Shanghai and is majority-owned by Shanghai Huayi. The Double Coin Holdings LTD is a subsidiary of the big Shanghai Huayi Company family. Based on customers' reviews the Double Coin stands for high performance, quality, and also for safety features. Chinese brand uses the latest technology to build strong, durable tires that deliver uncompromised performance. 

Most popular Double Coin tires 

Double Coin spends a lot of resources on research, develop to produce a trustworthy and affordable product on the market. To optimize and increase efficiency this company uses robotics and highly advanced automation to produce an exceptional line of market-leading tires. 

One of the most popular steer-position tires is the FR610 model. This tire comes with advanced tread compounds and internal construction provide low rolling resistance designed to ensure longer mileage. When it comes to trailer-position tires the premium Double Coin FT125 is one of the leaders on the market. This model is a super wide trailer-position tire with low rolling resistance designed to increase fuel efficiency, durability offering longer mileage at the same time.

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