Farroad tires

It is time to get closer to Farroad tires. This is a budget friendly tire brand with a great reputation in the worldwide market. The main goal of Farroad is to produce high quality tires able to cover a wide variety of vehicles. Their tires are developed in one of the biggest Chinese factories, founded in 2007 in Shandong Province. To understand how productive it is, we should mention the number of tires produced. So, they craft more than 20 million tires yearly and have been constantly increasing output every year. Farroad constantly strives to incorporate the latest technologies and manufacturing processes in its tire production, resulting in enhanced performance and safety. As a result, using quality raw materials, their products become better, respectively safer.

Best of all, the company's technical levels meet the requirements of the European Labelling Act. All Farroad tires hold all the necessary certifications like DOT and ECE to be sold at worldwide markets. Due to Farroad networks, and partnerships with numerous distributors globally, Farroad tires become more accessible to customers around the world at the correct price.

Considering the current situation of fuel and energy resources, they use the latest manufacturing processes and technologies to produce green, energy saving, environmentally friendly products. They are long lasting and help in reducing fuel usage for less operational costs. For customers' peace of mind, the manufacturer offers great warranty coverage, which protects against manufacturing defects or premature wear. So, if you want affordable and trustworhty tires for your vehicle the Farroad tires should be the best deal for you.

Best Farroad tires

Introducing you to the  Farroad FRD866. This model shows great performance be it highway on a sunny summer day, rainstorm, or special winter conditions. The Farroad FRD866 is an advanced all season tire suitable for passenger cars and SUVs. It features an innovative rubber compound shaped into an asymmetric tread pattern. Wide shoulders and four linear grooves ensure good traction in both dry, wet, and winter conditions. Specifically, the main three ribs provide precise handling ability at high speeds of up to 168 mph. An optimized pattern with heavy sipes promotes uniform wear and low rolling resistance for high fuel efficiency. While advanced casing absorbs road shocks and vibrations for maximum comfort levels, even on irregular roads. Based on much feedback, Farroad FRD866 is one of the best all season fitments for the Toyota Highlander, Land Rover Range Rover, and Mazda CX-5.

Are you ready to take your off road adventures to the next level? Then meet Farroad Mud Hunter MT. As the name suggests, this model is a mud terrain tire suitable for the use of jeeps and light trucks in harsh terrains. High void tread design with solid lugs bite into the ground for powerful traction and grip. Moreover, special three step blocks further increase stability and handling no matter the road. The Farroad Mud Hunter MT also stands out with its self cleaning pattern ability, preventing dirt, rocks, sand, and debris retention. Optimized block placement adds extra biting edges that boost grip and stability on uneven terrains. A tough sidewall compound shields the tire structure from sharp objects. Plus, its new design gives your vehicle a new look without sacrificing a single drop of performance. So, don't hesitate to upgrade your off road driving experience, buy Mud Hunter with confidence.

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