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Once again, Firestone proves worthy by creating a unique product that combines many uses. This is the Firehawk AS, that unites exceptional performance together with sedans, minivans, sports cars, and sporty coupes. Also, it fits in the passenger compartment, being an affordable all-season tire. With it comes a comfortable and quiet ride, even in light snow or wet roads.

In addition, the first advantageous element is the asymmetric tread design of ribs. It constructs by adding a long link carbon texture. This way, the Firehawk AS extends its tread life, giving more options for rubber recycling.

Then, the sipes help with better grip on the road, making the maximum speed of: 149 mph achievable. Moreover, impressive grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning, along with the evacuation of water. Going on, the semi open shoulders make the car more stable and maneuverable in corners and in harsh conditions. What's special here is the 20% increase in biting edges for better snow traction.

Equally important is the internal construction, here with the presence of a polyester casing, which gets the job done. They support twin steel belts, with a spirally-wrapped nylon form. With this comes resistance from external damages.

Finally, Firestone gives the customer a 50,000-mile warranty for returning opportunities. Alfa Romeo Spider, Jeep Cherokee, and Toyota Sienna are the perfect matches for the Firehawk AS. With this being said, the US market has many available sizes of the tire, such as 185/55R15, 205/50R16, and 225/55R17.

Features and benefits

  • Impressive rib design, together with its constitution, does the job, without any problems.
  • A 20% more biting edges helps with traction on snowy and wet routes.
  • In between grooves throw water from the external part and reduce the risk of liquid accumulation.
  • Special siping design improves the grip on the road, making the ride more enjoyable.
  • Semi open shoulders give stability on corners, and with this comes improved stability.
  • Modern internal texture helps with resistance from punctures and different kinds of damage.

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