Galaxy tires

It is time to talk about the history of the Galaxy- a trustworthy tire brand. Firstly, we should point out that Galaxy has a convoluted history. Initially, they were an American brand owned by GPX and now it is the property of Yokohama. It was acquired in 2016 by Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. After that they created YOHT to consolidate its OTR tire businesses across the globe with the Alliance, Galaxy, and Primex. Since then, Galaxy products have become very popular because of the best Japanese know-how in the tire industry.

Galaxy's engineering team spent a lot of time on research, development, and testing, to successfully put together a great line of durable tires for a wide range of industries, including Construction, Mining, Forestry, Agriculture, and Industrial. In general, their products benefit from optimized patterns that deliver great gripping power on dry and wet surfaces. In addition, using a silica rubber compound, their sheer weight allows them to stick to the ground firmly for better traction performance on icy and snowy surfaces.

Before each and every Galaxy and Primex tire hits the market, these are subject to severe quality tests. As a result, they exceed all internationally set quality standards. To understand how quality and good products Galaxy and Primex tires we should mention the present on the market. So, they are sold in more than 120 countries spanning 6 continents.

Best Galaxy tires

For example, the Galaxy TBR line includes many products designed for the long haul, regional, and mixed services suitable for all needs and tastes. The best models for the TBR lineup are AR211-G, DR271-G, and TL211-G. These tires fit a wide range of heavy duty commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses. They offer high durability, and increased load carrying capacity. Advanced structures cater to the needs of the commercial industry. Choose Galaxy for the safety and cost effectiveness of commercial fleet operations.

When we talk about the most highlighted model from the Agricultural category we should point out the Galaxy Agmaster R-1, Agri-Air Seed R-3, Rib Implement I-1, and Farm F-2. These tires play a crucial role in ensuring efficient and productive farming operations.

If you need durable and quality tires for your skid steer, skid loader, or other similar equipment, look no further than Beefy Baby II R-4, Hippo R-4, and Boomer R-4. All of these withstand the rigorous demands of construction, landscaping, and other special services. So, if you want to upgrade your business start with the correct set of tires. Many of our customers buy Galaxy and Primex tires for peace of mind.


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