Geostar tires

Geostar History

Geostar tires are one of the most affordable and quality rubber products on the market. These tires succeeded due to the high technologies used and the ability to adapt to any road conditions and all kinds of driver's needs. The main goal of Geostar tires is to ensure a high level of safety and comfort, whether it’s a daily commute to work, or taking kids to schools and kindergarten or a long drive. The Geostar engineers use the latest technologies which enhance your vehicle’s abilities thus becoming one of the most reliable, suitable, and durable tires on the market.

Most popular Geostar tires

One of the most popular and successful models produced by Geostar engineers is the Remex RX-615. This model is the best option for drivers who are looking for a cheap tire that still offers a high level of performance. The Remex RX-615 is a touring tire designed for owners of coupes, sedans, minivans, and crossovers. Coming with a special all-season tread compound and non-directional tread pattern this tire can provide superior traction on dry surfaces and the best cornering grip. Due to four circumferential grooves and multi-sipe design, it enhances wet road handling, also the tire received increased hydroplane resistance. Inside the tread, you can find a steel-belted construction that ensures extra strength and durability to the tire. The Remex RX-615 is available from 13 to 16 in both H and V speed ratings.

When it comes to passengers and load safety the most trustworthy and most quality tire model from the Geostar lineup is the G600 Mixed Service Hwy. This model is specially designed for use on commercial truckers, trailers, vans, and other hauling vehicles. For safety reasons, Geostar engineers developed this model with a stronger structure designed to ensure extra durability and extra capacity. This model is built for use in the drive, steer, axle, or all positions in regional, line haul, urban, and pickup, and other applications. This model is available only in 425/65R22.5 166L size.

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