Gladiator tire

Gladiator History 

The Gladiator is a tire company founded back in 1982, known and respected leader in the tire industry. It is owned by American Pacific Industries. Due to the revolutionary technologies used by engineers, the Gladiator tires become more environmentally friendly products(Ecosafe), with the best warranty in the tire industry. 

Most popular Gladiator tires 

The company is offering a wide range of tires for light trucks, ATVs, trailers, and commercial vehicles. 

One of the most popular models from Gladiator off-road lineup is the QR900-M/T. This model comes with an aggressive tread design for maximum traction and performance in off-road conditions. Another important element is the large tread voids designed to self-cleaning tread pattern for superior traction in mud, dirt, and rock surfaces. For extra strength, stability and durability are used strong steel belt construction. 

Gladiator QR70PSD- another trustworthy model for commercial vehicles especially for line Haul Steer. The SmartWay Technology Program has verified numerous innovative technologies. The EPA-verified technologies improve fuel usage and reduce emissions for tractors, and trailers. 

When it comes to ATV tires quality is never compromised. All ATV tires are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of quality assurance. The most highlighted ATV tires are M/T and ATV A/T models. Coming with wrap-around shoulder lugs the tire received extra stability and a high level of traction. Due to the unique compound, the tread life touches another level.

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