Hankook KINERGY ST (H735)

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from $79.99/tire

As you well know, Hankook is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. It produces quality, reliable, and budget friendly tires. One of the cheapest tires from their lineup at this moment is Kinergy ST. It is a standard touring all season tire developed to provide reliable traction, and optimal ride comfort, but also a good road grip in four season services. It is the best option for people who want to arrive from point A to point B with minimal fuel consumption.

Above all, Hankook Kinergy ST comes with a specialized tread compound optimized for year-round performance. Symmetrical pattern with wide shoulder blocks and solid center ribs provide optimal performance to handle all season challenges. For example, engineers use an increasing number of pitches to improve the noise generated from the impact on the surface. As a result, these coupled with multiple sipes reduce pass by noise, thus making the ride to be quieter and more pleasant. In addition, four transversal grooves with open shoulder aqua grooves increase aquaplaning resistance for good handling and short braking distance on wet roads.

To serve the biggest part of passenger cars, it comes in a wide variety of sizes. Hankook Kinergy ST starts from 13 to 18-inch rim diameters with T and H speed ratings (130mph). A lot of customers say that it is the best all season tire in the low budget category.

Features and benefits

  • Cheap and trustworthy touring all season tire.
  • A specialized tread compound remains flexible even in low temperatures.
  • Open aqua grooves and four circumferential grooves increase road grip for good traction during winter.
  • Optimized pitch sequences reduce road noise, but also improve ride comfort.
  • Strong shoulder blocks handle lateral forces in fast corners offering even tread wear.
  • Advanced tread design shows good performance in mud and snow road conditions.
  • Backed by 70,000 mile warranty and Road Hazards.

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