Harvest King tires

Harvest King is one of the best tire manufacturers known in North America for their quality farm tires. The brand has roots back in 1996, which is the ownership of Shandong Yongtai Chemical Group Co., Ltd. However, they develop a large range of diverse types of vehicles and machinery. Harvest King products are all made in China. Before these hit the market, they go through a comprehensive quality assurance check. Only then their products are released for international distribution, being sold in more than 60 countries across the world. Since they start their activity, they received a great worldwide reputation, especially in the U.S. and Canada for high quality tires at affordable prices. The main focus of this brand is on the production of agricultural and industrial tires on a large scale. Let's get to know more about the Harvest King tires.

Best Harvest King Agricultural and Farm tires

As we pointed out above, farm and agriculture tires enjoy a lot of popularity and success on the American territory. Products from their lineup serve a wide range of agricultural equipment and machinery, including tractors, harvesters, sprayers, trailers, and other farm implements. The main role of farm tires is to provide the necessary traction, stability, and durability to efficiently carry out hard tasks in diverse and often severe conditions.

The most outstanding models from this category are Field Pro AR85, Field Pro All Purpose, High Speed Implement II, and Front Tractor II F-2. When these tires have properly inflated and appropriately sized, they can help reduce soil compaction. The wide footprint of the tire distributes the tractor's weight over a larger surface area. Therefore, reducing the pressure exerted on the soil, which benefits crop growth and root development. For example, rear tires bear a significant portion of the tractor's weight, including the weight of implements. While front tractor tires play a vital role in steering and maneuvering the tractor. They enable the operator to move through fields, around obstacles, and make precise turns. In other words, front tires ensure optimal control and safety.

Best Harvest King Industrial tires

When it comes to special tasks, one of the most important elements of heavy machinery besides the engine is the correct set of tires. These serve a wide range of industrial equipment from towering cranes lifting to mighty forklifts. For example, Harvest King tires feature robust sidewalls and advanced steel belts that can exhibit unrivaled strength and resistance to impact, cuts, and punctures. Due to their heavy duty construction, the extended tire service life and reduced downtime comes by default. The most representative models for this category are Jumbo Trax HD, Industrial Rear Tractor R4, and Sure Trax HD. All of them benefit from advanced heat dissipation technology that prevents overheating during intense operations, safeguarding both the tires and machinery. Aggressive pattern with lug design is able to face extreme conditions and intense workloads.

Best Harvest King Lawn and Garden tires

Lawn and Garden tires offer the finesse and reliability needed to nurture and protect the green spaces we cherish. In general, products from this category uses a special rubber compound crafted to be resistant to UV. In this manner, it protects the tread against cracking and degradation from prolonged sun exposure. When it comes to internal construction, here we have a lightweight yet durable, which keeps the tire's integrity. In addition, these tires can fit a wide range of landscaping equipment, from push mowers to small tractors. As a result, this adaptability ensures optimal performance across different tasks. On the other side, lawn tires come with comfort in mind. Their balanced casing provides a smooth ride with no vibrations, which leads to improved operator productivity and less fatigue during extended use.

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