Honda Accord tires

Honda Accord has been a big success in the entire world, especially in the U.S. For a long period of time, Accord has been considered the best-selling passenger car in America, with over 12.5 million cars sold. From its launch until now, Accord has undergone a lot of changes from the engine to the exterior. Nowadays, Honda Accord is one of the most wanted and bought cars from the Japanese brand. The new 2022 Accord can do almost everything your crossover can. In addition, it delivers responsive handling and better road stability in corners. With a large trunk and plenty of space, it improves ride quality and comfort, being an ideal partner for long trips.

Most recommended tires for Honda Accord  

The Continental is known as one of the leaders in the tire industry. Continental True Contact uses the latest technologies to show high-performance on different types of roads and weather conditions. Using Continental’s Tg-F Polymers and +Silane additives, the Continental TrueContact is one of the best all-season tires. On top of that, it also offers long lasting performance and high fuel efficiency. The TrueContact is available in a wide range of sizes starting from 15 to 19-inch rim diameters with speed ratings of T and H. The Continental offers an up to 90,000-mile tread guarantee depending on the tire’s speed rating. 

Another recommended tire for Accord is General Altimax RT43. This model uses Low Surface Abrasion Technology which helps extend the tread life and Peak Anti-Slip Design Technology aimed to increase traction and handling on wet pavement. In terms of lifespan, the General is among the most durable in its class, with a 75,000-mile warranty. General Altimax RT43 is available in 13 to 18-inch wheel sizes. 

If you aren't ready to spend a lot of money on a replacement winter tire for your Honda Accord, the Nokian WR G3 is the best option for you. This model is designed for coupes, sedans, minivans, and crossovers, offering the best year-round traction and responsive handling. Compared to previous models, the WRG3 has more silica, which is designed to offer performance on wet, snow, and ice grip. The tread surface has a Driving Safety Indicator designed to inform that the tire is worn and must be replaced by a new one. The WR G3 is available in 14 to 19” rim sizes with speed ratings of T, H, V, and W.

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