Imperial tires

Imperial History

Imperial is a tire manufacturer founded back in 2012. Even though it's new in the tire industry, the Imperial brand has made a name for themselves for budget passenger cars and truck tires. Imperial tires are building according to the most important regulations: E-mark, S-mark, REACH compliance, M+S, snowflake symbol. E-mark means the minimum EU or International (UNECE) standards in relation to its dimensions, load, and speed rating. S-mark certifies that the noise amount complies with EU or International standards.

Most popular Imperial tires

All Imperial tires are manufactured to be safe, reliable, and affordable.

The Imperial lineup includes the following categories:

  • Winter tires

  • Summer tires

  • All season tires

The Imperial offers a wide range of summer tires, especially the Ecodriver category. Starting from Ecodriver 2 to Ecodriver 5 the main purpose of Imperial engineers was to design the most high-performance tires with the greatest fuel efficiency, wet grip, and braking distance.

The most trustworthy winter tires for passenger cars and SUVs are considered the Snowdragon 2, Snowdragon 3, and Snowdragon SUV. These models come with zig-zag sipes that make your vehicle to fells at home on snowy and icy surfaces.

Looking for the best van tires? Your search is over at Imperial. The most recommended tires for the van are the AS Van driver, Ecovan2, and Ecovan3. Pairing your van with these tires the load and passenger safety are guaranteed.

If you are looking for the best budget winter tires for passenger cars and trucks you should keep in mind that Imperial products can be the best option.

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