Interco tires

Interco History

Interco Tires is an American tire manufacturer with headquarters in Louisiana. This company was founded back in 1946, and since then has provided great quality products. The company gained a good reputation especially for the great range of tires for light trucks and all-terrain vehicles.

Interco Tire Corporation selling its product under the following brands:

  • SPECIALTY LIGHT TRUCK & OFF-ROAD (Super Swamper­­, Bogger, TrXus, M16)

  • ATV & UTV (Vampire, Black Mamba, Radial Reptile)

  • TRAILER & UTILITY (Trailer Trac, Manchester)

  • AGRICULTURAL & INDUSTRIAL (Vortrac R1, Vortrac R4, Vortrac E3-L3)

  • DRAG, RACE, & MOTOCROSS (M&H Racemaster Drag/Race, Motocross)


One of the most renowned tire series from Interco is considered the Super Swamper. These tires are built especially for heavy-duty trucks to provide exceptional off-road performance.

Most popular Interco tires

One of the most highlighted models from Super Swamper is the M16 model. The Super Swamper M16 is designed to be one of the best all-terrain tires. Coming with an asymmetric and unique tread pattern to deliver the best grip on all types of terrain. This tire is able to confront heavy dirt, mud, gravel, rock, and other all-terrain applications. The tire has a 10-ply tread and 2-ply sidewall construction with 20/32 tread depth. This model is available from 15 to 24 inches and limited tread warranty.

When it comes to Interco with no doubt, we should mention the VorTrac LT. This model combines all of the features that make up great all-terrain tires. This model is a strong and durable tire due to its twin steel belts which are reinforced with nylon and the best sidewall. The Interco VorTrac is a radial tire that combines the best all-terrain features in one tire. The VorTrac comes with a lot of siping designed to ensure exceptional traction in wet weather, snow, mud, sand rocks, and ice conditions. This model is available from 15 to 22-inch sizes.

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