Ironhead tires

It is time to introduce you to Ironhead Tires. This brand is a trustworthy tire manufacturer based in Canada which is a part of Sailun Tire Americas. Firstly, Ironhead has an international engineering team specializing in the production of a complete lineup of medium radial truck tires (TBR). Since they start their activity they get a lot of experience with top rubber companies across the world.

In addition, Ironhead tires use a durable and quality rubber compound combined with the newest technically advanced tire manufacturing processes. As a result, the customers benefit from innovative and quality tires at affordable prices. Best of all, Ironhead represents one of the most technically advanced medium radial truck tire programs in the market competing with the premium tire manufacturers. Currently, customers can choose the best option for their needs and applications. As a result, they produce a wide range of tires suitable with trucks for line hauling, regional, dump trucks, refuse trucks, towing, pickup and delivery, intrastate and local buses, and all types of trailer services.

What does the name of each model hide?

Many of you know that Ironhead doesn't name its products randomly. The name of their products is suggestive.

  • 1st position: I - Ironhead
  • 2nd position: F = Front/Steer; D = Drive; T = Trailer; A = All Position
  • 3rd position: L = Line Haul; R = Regional; M = Mixed service
  • 4th position: FS - Low Rolling Resistance Compound, ST=Special Trailer;

Example 1:  IAR222.

  • I =is the manufacturer, Ironhead.
  • A =means all positions.
  • R =reflects the regional application of this tire.

Example 2: IDL291-FS

  • I =is the manufacturer, Ironhead.
  • D =means the drive position.
  • L =reflects the long haul application of this tire.
  • FS =is the low rolling resistant compound.

Best Ironhead tires with SmartWay certification

Above all, you should know that SmartWay Verified Tires Program works by identifying and certifying tires that meet certain performance criteria related to fuel efficiency and environmental impact. Limited tires from the Ironhead lineup adopt this program and satisfy standards and restrictions. These can be seen below:

  • IFL200-FS ( steer position tire)
  • IDL300-FS ( drive position tire)
  • IDL291-FS ( drive position tire)

For example, many top tire manufacturers participate in improving the EPA values by providing the latest equipment that helps SmartWay Partners meet freight sustainability goals. To be more clear, the EPA verification only means that the equipment meets the efficiency standards set by the Agency. So, EPA does not promote or endorse the product itself.

Best Ironhead tires with 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification

Probably many of you want to know what the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol mean. The 3PMSF symbol on the side of a tire indicates the tires meet certain U.S. Tire Manufacturer Association (USTMA) requirements for severe snow conditions. Investing in commercial winter tires with 3PMSF certification can lead to cost savings in the long run. Their excellent wear resistance and fuel efficiency for extended tire life and less fuel usage, resulting in less operational costs. The Ironhead is proud to have trustworhty winter tires in their TBR lineup. These can be seen below:

  • IDW330 ( regional drive position tire)
  • IDR310SP ( regional drive position tire)
  • IDR312 ( regional drive position tire)

In conclusion, if you want to uphold the reputation of your business for reliability, fast delivery schedules, and keeping load and drivers safe, equip your fleet with the right set of tires.

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