Kenda tires

Kenda History   

Kenda Rubber Industrial Company also known as Kenda Tires is a tire manufacturer founded in 1962 headquartered in Yuanlin, Changhua County, Taiwan. Kenda has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The Taiwanese brand is focused on the production of tires for bicycles, ATVs, trailers, automobiles, motorcycles, and industrial equipment.  

Based on annual sales in 2010, Kenda was the 27th largest tire maker in the world. In 2003 Kenda made a joint venture with Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, and after eight years it decided to sell 50% of it for around $200 million. Kenda Tires cares a lot about the relationship and its partnerships as well it is the official sponsor of the Giant Asia Racing Team and a national sponsor of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's MS 150. Taiwanese company supports NBA teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets, Cincinnati Reds, and other teams.  

Most popular Kenda tires  

The Kenda stands out with its latest technical developments, trustworthy products among the Emera A1 model. This tire is designed to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring safety and a high level of comfort at the same time.  

Another highlighted model from the Kenda lineup is Kenetica Eco. This tire is built to fit the needs of many automobile drivers, coming with long tread life, refined handling, and extra-low interior noise.  

If you are looking for an unforgettable winter experience the most recommended winter tire by Kenda is Wintergen 2. This model offers a safe and comfortable driving experience even in heavy winter conditions. The Kenda has a great reputation for its motorcycles and scooter tires. The most popular models include Equilibrium, Gauntlet, and Millville 2.

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