Kpatos tires

Welcome to the world of Kpatos tires, where performance meets safety and comfort. Above all, we should point out that Kpatos is a famous Chinese tire brand. It was established in 2015 and is part of Qingdao Sunfulcess Tyre Co. Ltd. Since its foundation, the main goal of Kpatos was to become globally known in the tire market for its complete product lineup thanks to its performance. In this manner, Qingdao Sunfulcess' direct involvement in Kpatos tire production, branded Kpatos as a high quality and trustworthy tire brand. According to annual sales, Kpatos tires enjoy high demand in various other countries and regions including the US, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Chile, South Africa, Australia, and not only. But still, the biggest market remains the local one, China.

In addition, Kpatos uses today's equipment and the latest manufacturing processes to meet worldwide standards but also to cover customers' expectations. Moreover, they invest a lot of resources and time to make constantly slight improvements in order to perfect their tires. Kpatos is very proud of its great tire series like KTR, FM, KTA, KTH, KTD, and KTL. Be it touring, summer, all season, winter, off road, UHP, SUV, LTR, or TBR tires, engineers always use the best they have. In the section below, we will talk about the most outstanding models from their lineup, stay here to get more info about them.

Best Kpatos UHP tires

If you want one of the best UHP tires on the market at an affordable price, then Kpatos FM601 should be the ideal choice. This model is a great summer tire developed to meet the needs of drivers with a lot of adrenalin who love to drive fast and dynamic. With all the modern features, this great model combines performance with comfort and safety. It uses a special rubber compound with a unique formula developed to maintain its integrity under the summer heat. For safety reasons, the FM601 presents four linear grooves that throw away water and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. While small slits in the tread area follow the road surface, boosting the grip when cornering, braking, or accelerating. This results in a smooth ride and a pleasant driving experience. Equally important, the internal structure maintains a rounded shape and keeps it from deforming.

Best Kpatos touring tires

When we talk about the touring tires from the Kpatos lineup for sure we should mention the FM518 H/T. As the name suggests, this model is an all season, touring tire crafted for use in passenger cars, CUVs, and SUVs used especially on the highways. Firstly, it uses a special year-round rubber compound shaped into an asymmetric tread pattern. These provide close road contact for high gripping power and confident steering. Wide tread grooves and heavy sipes offer high aquaplaning resistance and powerful traction. On the other side, strong internal construction not only protects the model from damage, it also increases the comfort level as well. Best of all, the FM518 H/T is present on the market in a wide range of sizes.

Best Kpatos all terrain tires

In general, all terrain tires are designed to defy limits, taking you on a journey through literally everything. Exactly in this category fits the new Kpatos FM501 A/T, which can be mounted on light trucks and SUVs. It uses a durable rubber compound shaped into an aggressive pattern with open shoulders. These work in tandem to guarantee powerful traction from rocky mountains to even courses. As a result, the unique pattern model with wide contact provides excellent performance when you most need it. Additionally, the interlocking center blocks and wide tread grooves expel efficient water from under the tire's footprint. The thick sidewall compound and durable internal construction offer enough strength and durability. It withstands heavy loads and maintains its shape under different driving conditions. And, this tire has many available sizes on the US market, from 16'' up to 20'' rim diameters.


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