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Kumho Crugen HP71

This model is an all-season tire developed especially for drivers of premium light trucks and SUVs who are looking for superior year-round traction, more stability on wet and dry roads along with strong acceleration and braking performance.

The Crugen HP71 comes with an advanced all-season compound molded into an asymmetrical tread pattern that presents a strong center rib and improved shoulder blocks designed to ensure quick handling, acceleration, and braking performance. Full-depth sipes and lateral voids come to remove the slush from under the tire to create low rolling resistance, and fuel efficiency, along with year-round traction. For safety reasons, the tire has four wide and micro-serration tread blocks for better water evacuation from under the tire footprint, providing increased hydroplaning resistance, maintaining road grip, and driving stability.

One of the most innovative technologies used by Kumho is Variable Pitch Technology designed to reduce pattern noise making the ride comfortable and quiet.

Kumho Crugen HP71 comes with a larger tread contact area to promote driving stability and optimum distribution of pressures. Due to the optimized tread pattern, it delivers shorter braking distance, higher driving precision, and ensures optimum stability. This model is available in 16 to 22-inch sizes, with H, and V-speed ratings, covered by a road hazard warranty.

Features and benefits

  • An asymmetrical all-season tire with BSW.

  • Larger tread contact area which provides driving stability and optimum distribution of pressures.

  • Full-depth sipes and lateral voids reduce the rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency.
  • Strong center maximizes cornering grip for more vehicle control.

  • Quiet and comfortable ride due to Variable Pitch Technology that reduces the pattern noise.

  • Four deep grooves provide excellent drainage, braking, and anti-hydroplaning.

  • Covered by a road hazard warranty.


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