Landgolden tires

Welcome to the world of Landgolden tires, where performance meets safety. Landgolden is a tire company based in Thailand. It works hard towards establishing itself as a new leader in the tire industry by offering quality and affordable products. An interesting fact about the company’s manufacturing facility is that it produces 10 million tires annually. It is important to note that Landgolden benefits from a great reputation among customers. This is guaranteed by the best technologies, modern today's manufacturing processes, and engineers' experiences. In addition, they spend a lot of resources to produce tires with a focus on environmental impact.

Currently, they design a complete lineup of PCR and TBR tires with traction, mileage, performance, and safety in mind. Before tires hit the market, they are subjected to a wide range of quality inspections and tests. Moreover, Landgolden Limited Corporation has successfully obtained the DOT (Department of Transport) certification, but also other essential certifications. In other words with a legacy rooted in engineering prowess, Landgolden is your partner in traction, stability, and performance.

Best Landgolden PCR tires

For high speed and dynamic driving enthusiasts, Landgolden produces the LG27. This model is a great UHP all season tire with a sleek and stylish design that enhances the appearance of any vehicle. It uses a unique rubber compound molded into a directional pattern with wide shoulder blocks. Specialized center ribs promote a dynamic steering feel and more vehicle control. While four linear grooves and solid shoulders provide more grip and road stability during cornering and other high speed maneuvers. Thanks to its optimized pattern with a wide footprint, this model ensures uncompromising safety and control from urban streets to sun-soaked highways. Best of all, LandGolden LG27 is built in a wide range of sizes, starting from 215/55ZR17 to 245/30ZR22 with a speed rating of  V or W. It is one of the best options for the BMW M3Cadillac XTSChevrolet Impala, and Ford Mustang.

If you need a trustworthy tire for all types of terrain, the Landgolden LGT57 A/T is the ideal choice. This model is a year-round all terrain tire able to handle a range of road and weather conditions and meet the needs of many SUVs and light trucks. It features a durable rubber compound shaped into an aggressive tread pattern with an optimized design. An aggressive pattern with open shoulders provides powerful traction and high road stability. While a special center block with innovative placement shows an uncompromised capability on muddy and snowy roads but also a smooth ride on the highways. Best of all, a stronger and more durable internal structure creates high resistance to punctures, tears, and other types of damage. So, this being said, you can buy the LGT57 A/T with confidence.

Best Landgolden TBR tires

Introducing the Landgolden LG600 - one of the most representative models for the commercial category. This model is an all position tire that can withstand the demands of long hauling. It benefits from wear resistant tread compound shaped into a closed shoulder design. A wide footprint can provide the ultimate stability and uniform wear for more truck control. For safety reasons, four circumferential grooves expel efficient water from under the tire. As a result, it combats the risk of aquaplaning. A durable internal structure supports heavy loads, thus offering the possibility of multiple retreads for more money savings. Reinforced casing increases strength and delivers high load carrying capacity for more payload. In addition, LandGolden LG600 is present on the market in multiple sizes: 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 295/75R22.5, and 285/75R24.5, suitable for all types of applications and vehicles.

For people looking for a tire that can help to conquer the road, the Landgolden LG700 is the best. This model is a drive position able to handle heavy duty loads and tough driving conditions with confidence. The LG700 uses a special rubber compound shaped into an aggressive pattern with a unique design. More exactly, it presents closed and wide shoulders and three rows of independent tread blocks. Best of all, wide circumferential grooves force away water, dirt, and snow for more contact with the road. Special stone ejectors placed in the middle of two center grooves fight with stone drilling and retention, protecting the casing, as a result. While strong and durable construction offers high durability and stability for uncompromised traction performance day after day, mile after mile.

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