Michelin Premier Vs Defender. Who wins the battle?

Michelin Premier Vs Defender. Who wins the battle?

If you are at the crossroads of choosing between Michelin Premier and Defender this blog might be useful and interesting for you. All seasons tires are very popular due to their practicability and no need to be changed every season. With a lifespan of over 60,000-80,000 miles, they do their job for years.

It is well known that Michelin is a manufacturer that proved its leadership over the years in the tire market through its quality. Even though both tires are in the same price range, they have different features.

Michelin Premier A/S

The EverGrip technology used on the Michelin Premier A/S gives the tire a similar performance to the new ones even when relatively worn. Moreover, the Premier A/S stands out with its performance in terms of grip speed and cornering stability.

If you like speeding and steadiness on the road at the same time, then Michelin Premier A/S is the perfect fit for you, but take into consideration that it is not the best option for rainy and snowy weather.

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Michelin Defender T + H 

Especially improved to reduce both fuel consumption and consumables via pretty low rolling resistance, they offer a lifespan of 90, 000 miles, more than one year of driving. Based on the Michelin Defender customer’s feedback and experience, this particular tire stands out for its reliability and long life, but it’s not in the category of tires that show top performance in terms of speed. However, it offers above-average performance in terms of braking and acceleration. 

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Tires’ Lifetime

Michelin Premier A/S  comes with a tread warranty of 60, 000 miles while Michelin Defender T+H is backed by a great warranty of around 85,000 -90,000 miles. It is also good to know that the Defender T+H is one of the longest-lasting tires produced by Michelin.

On the other side, the Michelin Premier A/S range of tires starts from 15 – 19-inch variants. According to the Michelin statement, Defender tires will cover over 90% of the vehicles shortly. Taking into consideration all aspects mentioned about each of them, the decision is obvious about who wins the fight.

Michelin Premier VS Defender? FAQs

What Is the Michelin Defender?

Michelin Defender is an all-season tire line. According to Michelin, this line copes well with temperature changes without losing any of its abilities.

Michelin crafted this line in 2 subcategories: the Defender LTX and Defender T+H. The first is mainly dedicated to SUVs for highway conditions. This line has enough attributes for all-terrain, so you can rely on it whenever covering some mild off-road surfaces.

On the other hand, the T+H line bears touring comfort in mind and is more adapted to sedans. Both subcategories handle very well on wet roads due to the specifics of their design.

What Is the Michelin Premier?

The premier line is similar to the defender in that it is also divided into 2 subcategories: Premier A/S and Premier LTX. The `premier A/S is an all-season line compatible with relatively small vehicles such as CUVs, sedans, and minivans. its main asset consists of the longevity of the tread and the balanced performance on both the dry and wet surfaces. the shortcoming of this line is the limited tire sizes for this model.

On the other hand, the Premier LTX is intended for relatively larger vehicles but up to the limit of heavy-duty ones. This means crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks. The main assets of this line are comfort and safety in somewhat challenging conditions such as rainstorms and light snow.

On the whole, Michelin has drawn both lines with more emphasis on wet performance. for this, the manufacturer has specially integrated grooves to expand the solid behavior in wet conditions.

What Makes Premier Tires Different From Defender Tires?

Both Premier and Defender lines are optimal choices for daily driving. Even if they seem similar in many aspects, these 2 lines differ from each other. It is imperative to take into account the differences because they will determine the performance of the product in the conditions in which you travel the most. So, what sets them apart?

Defender VS Premier: Touring Spirit

Of the 2 options, the Defender one is more of a touring product than a grand touring one. This means that the sizes offered are limited to 18" for smaller wheel diameters. Also, it might lack the spirited quickness of grand touring tires.

On the other hand, the Premier line is the one that brings the spirit of grand touring to the table. This translates into more agile capabilities with higher speed ratings and wider wheel diameters.

Defender VS Premier: Warranty

As I mentioned before, life expectancy is much more optimistic in the Defender line. Michelin provides a whooping ≅ 80,000-mile treadwear warranty. In addition, these tires withstand extremely well even with some cargo, without too much impact on the acceleration and braking abilities. On the other hand, the Premier line is suitable for lighter loads and is available with a 60,000-mile tread life warranty.

Premier VS Defender: Pros And Cons

Defender Pros"

Superb offering for SUV Off-Roading
Designed with heavy-duty resistance in mind
Increased resistance to punctures and damage
Generous warranty
More affordable*

Lacks superior snow traction like in the winter tires. Should be limited to light snow conditions only

Premier Pros"

Impressive control and handling on wet surfaces
Solid high-speed resistance and balance
Pretty responsive in light winter conditions
Doesn't lose performance with tire wear
Smooth and comfortable feel

Usually more expensive than Defender options*
Less generous tread wear warranty

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I’m not sure I didn’t make a bad choice. However, Michelin Premier is an ideal tire. I have used  Premier LTX which isn’t really suited for heavy-duty pulling but more for comfort and driving in bad weather conditions such as rainstorms or light snow.

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