Minerva tires

Minerva History

Minerva is a Belgian tire manufacturer founded in 1992. This company is a private label with more than 20 years of experience in the tire industry. Over time, Imperial developed a strong reputation and international dealer network, selling rubber products in more than 52 countries worldwide.

Some notable events from Minerva history:

  • 1995-year when was developed the first Minerva summer tires with complete size range until 16 inches.

  • 2011- Minerva cooperates with tire manufacturer Nokian.

  • 2012-year when the Belgian brand produces the first studdable winter tire.

  • 2013- it designed the first truck tire.

  • 2014- developed the first run-flat model.

Today, Minerva products are one of the most renowned quality budget tires in the world. The main goal of Minerva is to combine mileage, comfort, fuel efficiency, and safety.

Most popular Minerva tires

This brand offers a wide range of products covering a generous part of vehicles. The Minerva tires are designed to meet the needs of the customers across all seasons and countless applications.

The Minerva products include:

  • High-performance tires: F105, F107, and F205.

  • Passenger car tires: 109, EMI ZERO ALL WEATHER, 209, F109, F209, and RUNFLAT F108.

  • SUV/Light trucks: MV600 SUV, MV700 LT, MV800 SUV, MV900 LT, ECOSPEED AT, ECOSPEED 2, TRANSPORTER RF09, F110, and RF07.

  • Winter tires: ECO STUD SUV & LT, ECO STUD, FROSTRACK HP, FROSTRACK UHP, S310, S210, and S110.

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