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Mitas tire

Mitas History    

The history of the Mitas brand had roots back in 1930. The first time, tires were produced in Prague for the internal market, but after years the Mitas company expanded internationally producing tires in many countries through Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Sri Lanka, and America. In 2012 the Mitas opened a production plant in the USA, specialized in the production of radial and agricultural tires. On the European territory, the Mitas has a production plant in Otrokovice that started operating in 2013. This production plant produces radial tires designed especially for agricultural technology. Since 2016, the company has become a part of group Trelleborg. Formerly, Mitas brand focused particularly on the European, but currently, the company distributes tires worldwide using the global sales network Trelleborg Wheel Systems.    

The Group Trelleborg has an annual turnover of 4.11 milliard USD, comprises three business areas: Trelleborg Industrial Solutions, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, and Trelleborg Wheel Systems.  

Most popular Mitas tires   

The main goal of the Mitas is to produce quality, reliable, and affordable products.  

Due to the position of the production plant located in the heart of the American farming industry, the company has high demands that provide Mitas brand with great potential. A big part of the radial agricultural tires goes to the manufacturers of agricultural machines like Claas, John Deere, Case New Holland, and others.   

The Mitas tires offer the opportunity to keep pace with the dynamic world of agriculture, construction, moto, bicycle, aircraft, and truck tires. If you are looking for tires with an excellent grip, provided durability, longer service life, and lower operation cost, then HC 1000 and HC 2000 can be the best option.   

When it comes to the best tires for trucks then Mitas recommend NR21 and NR36 models. These tires offer long tread life, excellent grip, and a high level of comfort.

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