Otani tires

With a legacy steeped in engineering brilliance and a commitment to uncompromising quality, Otani redefines the driving experience. Otani is a great tire manufacturer with a good worldwide reputation, especially in Thailand. This brand was established by Otani Tire Co. Limited in 1986 a Thai-based manufacturer. The main focus of this brand is on the production of passenger car tires, and commercial truck and bus tires in both radial and bias ply internal construction.

Otani is committed to research and development, by allocating a large budget in investing in technology and production techniques to satisfy customer expectations. As a result, they utilize the latest technological and production techniques to create a quality product. Their commercial product lineup includes long haul, regional, and mixed service application tires. Besides commercial ones, they offer a complete lineup of passenger tires: touring, high performance, ultra high performance, all terrain, mud terrain, etc. In general, Otani tires are developed to handle customer needs in all driving conditions, with a focus on traction, mileage, durability, safety, and comfort. In the section below we will introduce you to one of the most popular models from their lineup.

Best Otani PCR tires

Embrace the power of your light truck with Otani RK1000. This model is an all season highway tire developed to fit a wide range of light trucks in their daily use. It uses premium raw materials and the latest manufacturing processes to match your specific needs and preferences. The modern symmetric tread pattern with five ribs offers maximum road contact and grip. Next, the large shoulder ribs provide superior handling precision on wet and dry roads. While four wide linear grooves along with a heavy siping design avoid aquaplaning at a maximum speed of 112 mph, thus ensuring safety on the road. Robust internal build handles load pressure with ease, supporting weights of up to 3,415 lbs per single tire. It also minimizes the road noise for a comfortable ride. So, the Otani RK1000 is your best tire option for unlocking the full potential of your truck.

If you are looking for the ultimate in performance, style, and safety, then look no further than the all new Otani KC2000 tire. This UHP model is designed to provide passenger car drivers with a premium experience, thanks to its advanced construction and best materials. Above all, we should point out that Otani KC2000 uses a special silica compound shaped into an asymmetrical pattern. Its wide shoulders and heavy siping design offer superior grip and handling even at high speeds of up to 186 mph. Optimized pattern design and eco friendly tread formula reduce rolling resistance, resulting in less fuel usage. Four circumferential grooves upgrade grip in wet conditions, providing shorter braking distances and smoother accelerations. The Low Noise Groove design minimizes road noise, offering a quiet and cozy ride. In addition, advanced casing construction shields the tire from damage produced by road hazards.

Best Otani TBR tires

With their advanced technology and innovative designs, Otani tires are the perfect choice for any driver who demands the best results. Let's take Otani OH-350. This model is a SmartWay drive position tire designed especially for use in a wide range of commercial trucks in regional and long hauling. The Otani OH-350 benefits from a special tread pattern with closed shoulders and three rows of independent center blocks. The center blocks easily bite into the asphalt, providing superior surface contact and truck stability. Moreover, four deep grooves with non linear shapes expel water from the footprint, thus reducing the risk of aquaplaning on wet surfaces. The optimized distribution of sipes adds plenty of biting edges that further boost traction and balance. Stiff sidewalls provide high protection from lateral damage for less downtime. Strong casing upgrades carrying capacity, supporting up to 7,160 lbs, depending on the size.

Are you looking for tires that can handle any job, no matter the terrain or weather conditions? Then Otani OH-204 is the best deal for you. This model is an all position tire designed specifically for mixed service applications. The aggressive pattern and robust casing perfectly fit heavy load vehicles in their demanding applications. The OH-204 uses a unique tread compound shaped into an optimized pattern with four ribs that provide confident surface contact and traction. Three deep grooves expel rapid water and debris away from the footprint, thus keeping the tire clean. While cross rib grooves offer powerful off road traction, especially when under load pressure. Reinforced internal casing with robust sidewalls shields the tire from lateral damage, thus extending its service life. Also, a strong rubber compound resists chips and cuts damage for fewer company costs. Choose your size and NeoTires offers the best price.


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