Patriot tires

Patriot History

Omni United Pte. Ltd is a tire manufacturer and distributor founded in 2003 by G.S. Sareen with headquarters in Singapore. The Singaporean brand produces tires in partnership with manufacturers based in Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. Omni United brand sells over 5 million units of passenger and light truck tires a year where over 2 million is being sold on the United States market.

Omni United is the owner of the following tires brands:

  • Radar Tires

  • Patriot

  • American Tourer

  • RoadLux

The Patriot Tires is a part of the big Omni United family. It was launched in 2016 and is focused on the production of passenger, SUV, and LT tire range.

Most popular Patriot tires

The main goal of the Patriot team is to develop a range of tires that are functional, reliable yet affordable.

The most highlighted model from the PATRIOT lineup is A/T. This model is an all-terrain tire that has been designed for on and off-road use. The A/T ensures high steering stability and best traction in mud and heavy conditions.

Another recommended tire for SUV /Light Truck is PATRIOT M/T. This model is aimed at the off-road enthusiast looking for good handling and traction on varied surfaces including mud, rock, snow/ice, even gravel.

If Patriot M/T it’s not enough the Singaporean company has a special model. The PATRIOT R/T is built to deliver exceptional off-road performance with on-road comfort and sophistication. On the road, this tire gives drivers superior handling with a quiet and smooth ride.

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