Radar tires

Radar Tires History

Omni United Pte. Ltd is a tire manufacturer and distributor founded in 2003 by G.S. Sareen with headquarters in Singapore. The Singaporean brand produces tires in partnership with manufacturers based in Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. Omni United brand sells over 5 million units of passenger and light truck tires yearly.

Omni United is the owner of the following tires brands:  

  • Radar Tires

  • Patriot

  • American Tourer

  • RoadLux

Since 2013, Radar Tires has been an active member of the off-road racing and motorsports world: Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, SCORE International Desert Series, and TORC: The Off-Road Championship.

Most popular Radar tires

The main products of Radar tires are passenger car, SUV, trailer, winter, and commercial tires.

One of the most popular summer tires for compact and mid-size cars are DIMAX R8+, RPX 800, and RIVERA PRO 2. These models provide good handling, extra durability, and a high level of ride comfort.

If you are looking for the best all-season tires then the radar tires are for you. The most popular all-season tires from the Radar lineup are DIMAX AS-8, DIMAX AS-6, and DIMAX 4 SEASON. The listed models come to ensure a high class of safety and extra durability for year-round. To reduce noise and vibration the Radar engineers use the latest technologies making driving more stable and comfortable.

For safety reasons it is highly recommended to pair your car with trustworthy winter tires like DIMAX WINTER SPORT, DIMAX ICE, or DIMAX ICE LOCK. These tires offer the best winter traction, safety, and quiet ride.

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