RBP tires

RBP Tires are popular for their tough off-roading capabilities. These heavy duty tires can tackle the roughest trails with ease, powering through mud, sand, and all types of terrain. Crafted from top notch materials, every aspect of RBP tire design aims for superior handling, durability, and traction. Reviews consistently hail RBP as a top choice for off-road tires, dominating the market since 1996.

Firstly, RBP stands out for its commitment to value, offering high-quality products at affordable prices. The brand's tires are favored for their appealing look and compatibility with various off-road vehicles like Jeeps and pick-up trucks. Also, Rolling Big Power prides itself on meeting the demands of true off-road enthusiasts with a range of sizes, advanced rubber compounds, and innovative tread patterns that excel on any trail.

Starting as a small venture, RBP has grown into a major player in the off-road tire industry. Their success stems from delivering high-quality, capable tires at competitive prices. Continual innovation is a core focus, with the brand regularly using new technologies such as advanced rubber compounds and tread designs to cater to both trail enthusiasts and those with an eye for style. Rolling Big Power tires are perfect for any adventure, making them a top choice for off-road drivers looking for quality and performance.

The most popular RBP tires

  • RBP Repulsor M/T stands out as a favored choice, known for its ultra-heavy-duty construction. This tire is tailor-made for trucks and SUVs requiring robustness to navigate rocky landscapes and slippery muddy paths. It boasts tough sidewalls and an additional belt beneath the tread, offering enhanced defense against punctures and impacts.
  • RBP Repulsor R/T has an innovative hybrid design combining All-Terrain and Mud-Terrain features for maximum performance. Its robust 3-ply sidewall construction ensures both on-road comfort and outstanding off-road capabilities. This unique combination empowers your vehicle to conquer challenging terrains with ease, offering superior on- and off-road drivability for a seamless driving experience.

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