Riken tires

Riken History

Riken is a tire manufacturer founded in 1917 in Japan.  It began truly manufacturing tires in 1956. In 1979 it started exporting its products in the U.S and Europe. Japanese company produce a great range of tires for coupes, sedans, crossovers, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. The Riken tires are affordable and quality replacement products. Gaining the trust and loyalty of their customers is the top priority of Riken selling the millions of tires annually.  Nowadays the owner of the Riken brand is the Michelin.

Most popular Riken tires

To cover all needs of customers the Riken provides several designs in each tire category. Thus, it offers a great all-season, all-terrain, summer, touring, ultra-high-performance, and winter tires.

One of the most affordable and suitable tires for all kinds of tastes and pockets is the Riken Raptor HR. This model comes with a unique all-season high-tech tread compound and directional pattern designed to deliver the best all-season grip on both dry and wet road surfaces. Riken uses four circumferential grooves along with a continuous center rib on Raptor HR with the purpose to increase aquaplaning resistance and wet traction. Inside this tire we can find two steel belts added for extra stability and control at high speeds. This model is the best option for Acura TSX, Chevy Mailbu, Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord and others.

Another recommended model from Riken is Raptor VR. This tire is a high-performance tire designed to provide superior traction and responsive handling at a decent price, 50% less than other comparable brands in its class. The Raptor VR satisfies the needs of drivers of sport coupes, compacts and smaller sedans. Coming with an advanced tread compound combined with a directional tread pattern the tire can show maximum handling responsive and cornering control. To reduce risk of hydroplaning the Riken engineers use multi-sipe design and wider tread channels thus increasing wet traction. This model is available from 15 to 17-inch sizes, backed up by a 50,000-mile tread guarantee.

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