Roadlux tires

Roadlux History

Omni United Pte. Ltd is a tire manufacturer and distributor founded in 2003 by G.S. Sareen with headquarters in Singapore. The Singaporean brand produces tires in partnership with many manufacturers based in Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and China. This brand sells over 5 million units of passenger and light truck tires every year.

Omni United is the owner of the following tires brands:

  • Radar

  • Patriot

  • American Tourer

  • RoadLux

The Roadlux Tires is owned by Omni United and it was launched in 2006. The main products of Roadlux are truck and commercial tires. The Roadlux tires are manufactured by the first truck radial tire production facility in China. To make high-end products the Singaporean brand imported all that it needs from Germany, Holland, and Japan. This brand exports tires in over 45 countries, the main market being North and South America.

Most popular Roadlux tires

All Roadlux tires are DOT certified and covered by a full warranty.

One of the most trustworthy trailers and steer tires for trucks is considered the R116 model. This tire comes with superior resistance to irregular wear for longer tire life ensuring high handling performance, even on wet surfaces. The R116 is the perfect fit for the steering axle of trucks, and all positions on buses. This product is EPA certified in the USA with the SmartWay program.

For the best traction, the Singaporean company recommends the R305. This model is considered a heavy-duty off-road drive tire with extra-rugged tread, large footprint, and aggressive tread design, providing both stability and wear resistance.

If you are looking for the best tire for logging, mining, and quarry applications then the R705 is the best choice. The R705 provides excellent traction in severe road conditions. The Singaporean engineers built this tire to handle heavy loads in rough and mountain terrain.

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