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High performance tires, designed for passenger vehicles and smaller SUVs, are a type of tire that improves the overall abilities of your car. Unlike regular ones, performance tires are made to deliver superior traction, responsiveness, and stability on the road. One great example that represents this subject is the Roadone Cavalry HP.

Firstly, its all season tread compound and special design work together to increase all weather performance. This comes along with better traction at all times. Moreover, the 3D sipes play a crucial role in its results. They are small, narrow cuts in the tread area, smartly positioned across the surface. This unique position improves grip in different conditions, thus offering a safer, more comfortable, and joyful driving experience.

Moving on, the shoulders that are present on the Roadone Cavalry HP provide lateral control during turns. Thanks to that, a maximum speed of 130 mph can be achieved, depending on the size. And, when you steer the vehicle, the shoulders of the tire come in contact with the road surface, being responsible for transferring the lateral forces that appear during cornering. Moreover, the wide grooves throw away water and reduce the risk of sliding. This way the driving experience becomes safer and without any issues. Additionally, the internal build consists of durable materials that aid in protection from punctures. Finally, the available sizes on the US market start from 14'' and go up to 18'' rim diameters.

Features and benefits

  • New high performance tire with a stylish design and excellent all season capability.
  • Special tread pattern and rubber compound work together to increase traction.
  • Innovative 3D sipes assure the necessary grip no matter the weather.
  • Wide grooves throw away water and reduce the risk of sliding.
  • Modern shoulders offer control in corners and at high speed.
  • Amazing internal build aids in damage protection.

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