Saffiro tires

Saffiro is an American tire manufacturer with a big luggage of experience in the tire industry. Saffiro tires are crafted especially for the American market but there are also present in Europe and in Asia. They use the latest technologies and are ideal for American cars first and foremost. As a renowned tire manufacturer, it contributes to constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting new benchmarks for tire performance and reliability. In addition, Saffiro is a seller and distributor of tires to all 50 States and internationally. This brand is popular due to its extensive selection of HP, UHP, and light truck tires, meant for the driving enthusiast. Moreover, it produces a complete lineup of TBR tires suitable for hardworking drivers.

Best Saffiro PCR tires

When we talk about the Saffiro PCR tires we should mention the SF2000, SF1000, and SF3000. These are the most highlighted models from the Saffiro lineup. Each of them is a high echelon with more expensive compared with cheap alternatives and proportionally done with more quality. To offer the best performance in diverse conditions, these models benefit from high quality materials with precise compound formulas. Unique rubber blends deliver superb grip on various surfaces while maintaining outstanding durability and resistance to uneven wear and punctures. With modern designs and strong casing, Saffiro tires can ensure to deliver the best quality ride.

Best Saffiro TBR tires

Truck and Bus Radial (TBR) tires play a critical role in the transport industry. They are the best fitment for use in trucks and buses. In general, these feature a durable rubber compound shaped into optimized pattern designs. As a result, your vehicle is able to withstand the demanding conditions of long haul, regional hauling, and urban driving. If we had to list some popular models from their TBR line, these would certainly be SF707, SF606, and SF712. So, if you need trustworhty and advanced tires that deliver extended service life and consistent performance over time, equip your fleet with Saffiro tires.

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