Sailun tires

Sailun History

Sailun is a Chinese tire manufacturer, founded by a team of Chinese entrepreneurs. Currently, the Chinese brand sells over 30 million tires annually in more than 50 countries in the world. Even in the beginning, the Sailun spends a lot of resources on innovative research and development to design one of the most trustworthy products on the market.

The Chinese company chose world-class partners with the purpose to promote their products globally. This company cares a lot about relationships and partnerships thus it is a partner with the Qingdao University of Science and Technology.

The most highlighted events in Sailun history were:  

  • In 2014 when they opened the first tire manufacturing plant in Vietnam.

  • In 2016 the manufacturing plant from Vietnam produced its first TBR tire.

  • In 2018, Sailun made a joint venture with Cooper Tires to have the Vietnamese arm of Sailun produce Cooper truck and bus radial tires.

To reduce NOx and CO2 emissions and fuel usage, the Chinese brand designed EFT tires which offer lower rolling resistance, thus improving fuel efficiency and saving money.

Most popular Sailun tires

One of the most trustworthy models from the truck and bus tire lineup is the S629. This model was built for mid to long-distance trucks and buses running on good roads. Due to the latest technologies, the tire comes with a strong grip and skid resistance, improving handling and driving comfort.

Another recommended tire for truck and bus is the S911- designed to improve durability, handling, and traction. The S911 comes with a longer tread life due to deepened grooves.

The Sailun lineup include also a wide variety of passenger car tires. Passenger tires include Atrezzo ECO, Elite, ZSR, ZSR RUN-FLAT, 4Seasons, and Z4+AS. If you are looking for the best winter experience then the following models are for you IceBlazer WSL2, WST3, WST1, WST2 LT, and Endure WSL1.

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