Samson tires

Samson History

DSI Samson Group is a conglomerate founded by Diyunuge Samson Rajapaksa, in 1962 specialized in the production of footwear and rubber products in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka. It counts around 30 subsidiaries occupying the leading place in the manufacture of Rubber products.

In the beginning, it was a footwear retail shop, in Colombo Fort but after a few years it branched into manufacturing and importing with a large retail network. As of today, it represents 200 showrooms.

Most popular Samson tires

The Samson offers the following range of tires:

  • Light Truck

  • Bicycle

  • Motor Cycle

  • Agricultural

  • Turf

  • Golf Cart

  • Three-Wheeler

The Samson has a large range of Mountain bicycles tires: Reflective, Double Strip, BK/RD, and Connetor Sticker. These models were designed to secure flexibility and excellent grip in mountain conditions.

The DSI Samson Group also offers tires for material handling vehicles starting from SRP/ST 1 to SRP/ST 22. These models come with low rolling resistance, tires bonded on metal rims, high-quality assurance for international standards.

For the lover of scooters, the Samson has two special models: the Scooty and Xtreme models. The Xtreme model provides better cornering, confident wet grip, and braking, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. The Scooty is designed to offer mileage, excellent grip, and quiet ride.

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