Veento tires

Veento Tires History

Vee Rubber America is a tire manufacturer with headquarters in Thailand. This manufacturer has more than 30 years of experience in the tire industry. This company produces Veento tires. To produce quality tires the Veento spends a lot of resources on innovative research and development. Veento tires gained a good reputation for their innovativeness and unique design concepts. The engineers use a special design to deliver outstanding performance, a high level of comfort, and attractive aspect at the same time. The main purpose of Veento Tires is to become a leader in the manufacture of tires for all kinds of vehicles.

Most popular Veento tires

When we talk about Veento tires with no doubt we should mention the G-3 model. This tire is a premium high-performance long-life tire designed to ensure performance at an affordable price. It has an innovative asymmetrical tread design that provides the best features of braking/acceleration, but also a high level of comfort. This tire comes with full-depth sipes on the tread work to improve traction on both wet and snowy surfaces. Due to the variable pitch trend sequence, outside noise becomes lower. The G-3 is available from 13 to 17-inch sizes, and in speed ratings of T, H, and V with a 40,000-mile tread warranty.

One of the most wanted and outstanding models from Veento range is the G-2. This model is a touring all-season tire built especially for coupes, sedans, and crossovers being ideal for budget-minded drivers. The G-2 has an all-season tread compound and a symmetric tread pattern to enhance dry and wet traction. Due to continuous center rib, steering response becomes enhanced while larger outer tread blocks increase the cornering stability. Veento G-2 is available from 12 to 16 inches, and either an S or T-speed rating, with 40,000 miles treadlife warranty.

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